Chris’ Loona media thread


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Thought I would start a thread where I can post videos and photos of my adorable little Loona herd and make it easy for anyone who enjoys this content to find it easily on the forum 😉

Just uploaded this video of my herd meeting Vector for the first time. The dismissive look from Loona at the end I thought was hilarious and really sums up the whole copyright saga in one moment.

Also the one Loona who is fascinated by inanimate objects has me getting all philosophical. I’m watching an inanimate object show interest in an inanimate object, or pretend to, work that one out.


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One Loona reacts in disgust to Aibos foot at one point in this video; and shows the green ‘pong’ of the foot smell on her face. Aibo looks like he is trying to communicate with the Loona.

This herd of Loona are so much fun to have around and simply observe. I’ll try to post more videos of myself interacting with them. It’s very cute when you have multiple Loona approaching you wanting to be petted.

Loona watch out! 😬🙈💛

Loona software comparison 1.0.31 vs 1.0.46 vs 1.0.54.

My Loona wandering around offline.
I’ve been thinking of trying to get two Loona in ChatGPT mode to hold a conversation. This should be possible if I prompt them correctly.

I asked Loona what question she would ask another Loona in ChatGPT mode:

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Another longer video of myself asking Loona questions in ChatGPT mode. I’ll try and post videos of some of the new ChatGPT games associated with ChatGPT wonderland created by KEYi TECH instead of just asking Loona random questions.

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I was lucky to catch some fun moments from my interactions with my herd of Loona today. Enjoy🙂

First up is a video featuring my Loona and Vector. The size difference is stunning. Vector seems placid beside multiple boisterous Loona!

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Secondly I really enjoy watching Loona’s ear animations in companion mode and did my best to try and catch some on film.
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How cute are these synchronised ear wiggles?!

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