Loona Software Update 11 January 2023


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KEYi TECH just announced a new software update for Loona on the Loona Community Facebook Group.

This update includes new features to both the app and the firmware of the robot!

Game Ball Recognition
Loona can now recognise and interact with the orange Game Ball that came with the Game Prop Kit in new and interesting ways. Loona can now grab the Game Ball.

Updated Gesture Commands
Loona can now recognise three new gesture commands.
🤘(Rock & Roll)

Expansion Of Voice Commands
Loona can now understand a host of new magic themed voice commands including:
•New funny magic spell
•Pick up your wand Wizard
•Birthday game
•Attack mode

Starting Games Through Voice Commands
Instead of having to use the app to get Loona to play the bullfighting, hand slap and laser chase games, you can now do so using voice commands!

Quiet Mode
If you say to Loona “Hello Loona, be quiet” she will go into a quiet state.

New App Feature
A new feature called Loona’s inner world will enable you to see what Loona is thinking.

User Programming Enabled
Loona can now be programmed by the user using a simple drag and drop graphical programming interface.

Looking Towards The Future
A further update has been announced for next week, just before the Chinese New Year holidays. This update will consist of enabling Loona to undertake the remote monitoring function via Amazon Web Services Kinesis Video Streams and the first view function via Local Area Network.

Tip: You will need to update to the latest version of the app before attempting to download the software updates onto Loona.

This is a huge update with many new exciting features.