How to find the software/ firmware version for your Loona robot


Staff member
You can find the software/ firmware version your Loona is running in the Hello Loona app.

1. Connect your Loona to the Hello Loona app via Wi-Fi. On the Home Screen select your profile icon to the top left of the screen.

2. Select settings to the top right.
3. Select Loona to the left. Scroll down on the right until you come across “Loona system update”. This will display the current firmware version your Loona is running. To update simply click on this option and you will get a notification telling you if you are running the current version of software or not.
Note you may need to check this a few times and perform multiple updates if you haven’t updated your Loona for a long time as the software updates don’t seem to incorporate previous versions into the current version.

You can also find the app version by clicking on System to the left and scrolling down to App version information.