It’s confirmed! Loona to get GPT-4o


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Image: Screenshot by author.

Keyi Tech just announced Loona will be getting the new ChatGPT-4o update! Although they haven’t specified an exact date, they do mention it is coming soon which could mean the update is imminent if OpenAI’s statement on the API provides an accurate timeline for release!
Developers can also now access GPT-4o in the API as a text and vision model. GPT-4o is 2x faster, half the price, and has 5x higher rate limits compared to GPT-4 Turbo. We plan to launch support for GPT-4o's new audio and video capabilities to a small group of trusted partners in the API in the coming weeks

That moment when you are glad you held onto your four Loona😂🤖🤖🤖🤖

Read the announcement by Keyi Tech here:
Hi, Chris. This is Charles from sunny Singapore. Recently, I accidently deleted my Loona app connected to Loona. Unfortunately, I not sure which email address I used to reinstallthe app. As such, I am prompted to manually factory reset Loona so that I can reinstall Loona from scratch. Seeking your professional advice. Thanks
Charles I’m unsure if it is possible to set up Loona on a new account with the app if it is already tied to a previous account.

Are you getting a prompt from the Hello Loona app asking you to manually factory reset Loona?

You could try creating a new account with the app and then manually making a QR code appear on Loona’s screen by holding down on the power button until you see an animation of gears turning and then release to reveal the QR code and see if that works by scanning with the app.

If that doesn’t work you could try emailing Keyi Tech with your Loona’s serial number and see if they can retrieve the email address associated with the Hello Loona app account.