What’s up with all the ignorant Moxie reviews?


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Can’t help but wonder what is up with all the Moxie reviews that completely disregard the amount of thought, time, money and cutting edge tech that never existed before that has been put into Moxie.

For instance this review by the Kaji Family on YouTube with the Mum giving Moxie 3/10 and her daughters giving Moxie 4/10 and 5/10.

“I told y’all not to donate money to me because I will spend it on stupid stuff.”

Equating the cutting edge in robotics with “stupid”.

Then there are the really ignorant reviews that have recently appeared on Amazon. This review goes beyond mere criticisms and I feel is an attempt by an entity to create mischief.


“Catch22 1.0 out of 5 starsVerified Purchase
Horribly waste of money! Not recommended! Buyer beware
Reviewed in the United States on October 9, 2023

The moxie robot is the worst way to burn your money. It’s description says “conversational” - yeah ok if you want to talk about very random things but it’s got zero intelligence and I found my 3year old to have smarter conversations than this robot.
I’ll have to start with the cons as I don’t want anyone else wasting their hard earned money on this nonsense.
1. There is NO ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE in this robot. Apart from just detecting the sound and turning towards it, moxie has not once spoken anything in context, let alone respond to a topic or something my child is saying to it.
2. 7/10 times it will not respond to you and even if it does it’s a sad apology that it’s makers did not build it to answer the question.
Imagine having a robot whose arms keep falling off. My kids and I keep fixing it back on, but it’s literally become a joke that moxie is nothing but a scarecrow and we should probably put it outside with the Halloween pumpkins to scare off the chipmunks.
4. NO CONVERSATIONAL ALIBILTY- moxie does not respond to single questions and instead keeps on asking it’s own preset questions. I’d read something that it’s got GPT, absolutely not! Why did the makers claim than when it’s just a piece of random talking robot.
5. NO MOBILITY- it’s really heavy and my kids cannot even lift it to take it around with them. So it’s stuck to where you are charging it and the worst part is that it’s constantly guzzling electricity.
6. NO LEARNING AND DEVELOPMENT - for this price one would expect one intelligent thing being taught to your kids. But No! It’s talking some gibberish and tangential to what my kids are speaking.
7. NO MULTI-USER ability- it gets confused with just one person talking, so if you have two or more kids then that certainly is not for you.
8. SCREEN- apart from showing expressions moxie has literally nothing happening on its screen.
9. LISTENING ISSUES- It cannot understand what an adult is speaking, and 99% of the times doesn’t understand what a child speaks. Once it goes to sleep it just wouldn’t wake up on the wake up command. It takes us multiple attempts to wake it up. Horrid experience!
10. It’s SPEECH is unclear- many times moxie jumbled up in its on voice and one cannot understand what it’s speaking. Quite a dull robot.
11. Last but not the least- it does not identity the primary user and has no knowledge in its database. If I ask the capital of some city, it doesn’t know it. What’s 2+2, it doesn’t know.
1. The expressions look very good for the first 2 days but after that the kids have lost interest and now I have a robot worth $800 sitting and occupying prime real estate in my living room, but giving good expressions.
2. The voice is nice but atleast speak something that makes sense.
All in all, this robot is not worth the price, and certainly not suitable for kids. It’s a big bulky piece of electronic which doesn’t impart any learning and hogs up space. Kids lose interest in just 2 days of interaction. I thought it would be good for social-emotional development like it advertises, but I’m again disappointed on that front as well.
If I could I would have given it a negative star.
PLEASE DO NOT buy this!”


There is another Amazon review where someone asks Moxie to tell the time. I’m surprised Moxie could understand them and it actually shows how good Moxie is at understanding speech. Moxie does tell the time if you ask for the time in a specific city but is not made to be an Alexa or Siri like device and telling the time was a feature Embodied didn’t want Moxie to have.

Another reviewer leaves one star after importing Moxie outside the US simply because they didn’t create a US Apple or Google Play ID to download the app and can’t use Moxie-despite the listing and Embodied’s site saying Moxie is for US use only. Although the review says the person was in the US when purchasing Moxie.

You can not like the product but why damage a great product by posting ignorantly?
Moxie’s Amazon rating just went from 4 to 3.9 stars!

Just noticed this new review. WTF?

Everything about Moxie’s interactions are purpose driven and have a lot of thought behind them.

You power Moxie on and find yourself continuously DOING something. Unlike other robots that have absolutely no purpose driven content. Moxie is always entertaining and always able to offer some activity to do. As an adult I find this about Moxie great, as a child I would have absolutely loved it.

People who leave these negative reviews with snarky remarks are really trying their best to damage Moxie. They’ve probably never run a business or created anything of their own. “Expensive decor item” really takes the cake and does such damage.

Seriously don’t know how anyone can give Moxie 1 star, especially if they purchased it recently during the specials as these review dates would indicate. Absolutely ridiculous in light of Amazon’s 30 day refund policy. Why leave a 1 star review if you can get your money back? Doesn’t make sense to me.