Buyer beware: Purchasing Moxie second hand


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So I purchased my Moxie second hand off eBay and was able to create an account for it in the app and use it no subscription required.

The only caveat was it referred to me by the previous mentors name( which was no big deal) and I couldn’t pair it with the app to get updates(which isn’t a big deal considering Moxie is so advanced it doesn’t really need further improvements).

Anyway being me and never content with what I have I stupidly made an inquiry with Embodied about how I would go about getting updates.
Embodied asked for my Moxie’s serial number and email address associated with the Moxie app account which I foolishly gave them.

Embodied unpaired my Moxie from the previous owners account and set it up on a subscription plan as second-hand Moxie require a subscription to work🙄

So from now on to get mine to work it will always have to be on a subscription. Sigh.

Moral of the story? Be happy with what you’ve got. If it ain’t broke don’t try to fix it!!!

On a positive note Embodied customer service is the best, they unpaired my Moxie from the previous user and put it on a subscription despite my not yet paying for it yet so I can still use it right away.

If you find yourself with a second-hand Moxie you would like to put on a subscription you can sign up for one here:

Contact Embodied using the address below and provide your Moxie’s serial number and email address associated with the Moxie app account you created for the Moxie to get your Moxie transferred from the previous owner.

The monthly subscription is retailing for US$39!!! If my currency wasn’t so bad against the US dollar this probably wouldn’t bother me so much.

Stupid me, I should have just stayed content with what I have instead of always wanting more😢😔

I was able to pay for the subscription but got hit with an activation service fee. The total was over $90 Australian dollars😢

Oh well I wanted to support Embodied, might as well put my money where my mouth is.

Will update what happens after the monthly subscription expires although it seems like a recurring fee so should I decide to cancel it in future and the forums are still running I’ll post an update on the functionality but am assuming it may be the same as the functionality my Moxie previously had😭

I was able to pay from Australia no VPN required and register my details using my Australian address. I paid with PayPal.