Embodied giving away free Moxie


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Images: Embodied via Moxierobot.com

Embodied are currently running a drawing competition under the slogan Moxie’s Gratefall for you Contest in reference to the northern hemisphere autumn currently underway.

Your child has to draw a picture with the subject being what they are grateful for this year, incorporating Moxie into the picture.

This is such a nice message to be sending out to children and more than just a competition where they make it all about their product- this is getting kids to be appreciative and thoughtful and I find it quite touching.

Entries close November 23rd, 2023.

Runners up get the chance to win some Moxie merch, including what looks like a Moxie lunch bag, t-shirt and some pretty neat socks!

The competition is only open to children so that counts big kids like me out.

You can enter at the following link:

Good luck!