Moxie travels to Armenia


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Embodied CEO Paolo Pirjanian has travelled to Armenia to showcase Moxie. Pirjanian also attended an audience with the prime minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan.

A news story on Moxie. This is the first time I have ever seen Moxie featured anywhere other than social media! Although ironically I viewed it on YouTube.

Here is the machine translation of the description from Armenian to English on the news story from YouTube:

“Emotional robot Moxie will soon speak Armenian as well

The MOXIE AI robot hosted students of the physics and mathematics school today and answered their questions, surprising them with its tact and knowledge. The robot currently speaks only English, but experts promise that it will soon become multilingual and will also be available to Armenian children, in addition, a similar robot is being developed to communicate with adults.”

An interview with Embodied CEO Pirjanian discussing Moxie’s upcoming trip to Armenia.

I wonder if Moxie will be manufactured in Armenia in future?
Moxie AI Robot founder highlights Armenia's potential for advancement in artificial intelligence and robotics

YEREVAN, JANUARY 31, ARMENPRESS. American-Armenian Paolo Pirjanian, whose Embodied, Inc. company has created the Moxie AI robot, believes that there is significant potential for the development of robotics and artificial intelligence in Armenia. According to him, while many countries possess oil, gas, and gold resources, Armenia's most valuable resource lies in its intellectual capacity. "Armenpress" interviewed Paolo Pirjanyan to discover the secrets of his success, upcoming activities and plans related to Armenia.

- Given your experience and success in the high-tech sector, have you considered opportunities to contribute to or collaborate with Armenia's growing technology ecosystem?

- It was about 12 years ago that I came to Armenia for the first time and then I decided to collaborate with the Armenian IT sector. We have gathered a team and we are very proud because we have many good specialists here. Our company has a total of 60 teammates, 20 of them are in Armenia. Robotics is going to be a very important field for the world. This is also an area of military importance for both us and other countries. It was 2005 when they contacted me from South Korea and invited me to help them develop robotics. In other words, back in 2005, they decided to compete with Japan in that field. Armenia now has capabilities. We have the experience; we have that talent in Armenia. With the support of the government, we can bring new investors and develop the sector. We have the necessary experience and can start manufacturing robots in Armenia.

- How do you assess the current state of technology and innovation in Armenia? Do you think there are untapped opportunities for further growth and collaboration?

- In my opinion, the most important resource of Armenia is the brain. While other countries may have gas and gold, we have brains. We must leverage this resource to become stronger and develop the economy. Robotics and artificial intelligence are some of the areas to focus on now. Many countries are competing in these fields, and we have a lot of experience that we need to harness to maximize our potential.