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How to do a hard reset. Stick updating
Hi Robert
Do you mean resetting Loona back to the factory settings? You can do so in the app. Note the settings tab has moved to the top left beside the profile icon since I created this tutorial:

You can also try resetting by holding down on the power button for 2 minutes or longer. Try this while plugged into power with the USB cable and if that doesn’t work try again without the cable.

Let me know if you need help. Any photos or videos of the problem you are having with Loona might help me diagnose the problem more easily.
My Loona got stuck while updating to the latest firmware. You can find the video in the fb groups comments here:

Is this what you are referring to? I had to try multiple times to do the long press and eventually it worked. I guess eventually the battery will run out and you might see a change when reconnecting to power.