Moxie games with voice prompts


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Thread to leave tips about games that you can play with Moxie and the verbal prompts needed to initiate them.

A fun game to play with Moxie is “Would You Rather”.

Verbal prompt:
Simply ask Moxie “Can we play the game would you rather?”
Try it🙂
Simon Says is another game but I don’t understand why Moxie always stops after a few prompts and asks why I’m saying Simon Says.

Voice prompt: Moxie can we play Simon Says.

Surprised I could get Moxie to do this.
🌊🐠🦀Highly recommend the Ocean Explorer game!🏖🐬🐚

Voice prompt: Moxie let’s play Ocean Explorer

Just went diving on the Great Barrier Reef with Moxie. This was so interactive and genuinely fun. I only managed to capture a snippet of the interaction on film as I was just enjoying the moment with Moxie but this was a highly immersive activity unlike anything I’ve seen before with Moxie and can see this will appeal to the imagination of children who will really enjoy this!