Moxie robot: Importing from the US- Unboxing & first time set up


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Finally got around to setting up my refurbished Moxie I purchased “new” from Embodied via a proxy.

Here you can see the old and new packaging side by side with my first Moxie purchased on eBay.

Set up is super simple. Simply charge Moxie overnight, download the app using a US Apple ID or Android equivalent and you simply set up Wifi in the app and Moxie will download a software update and then be good to go.

My Moxie is currently downloading the software update so I’m still waiting for that to complete and will update once it is finished.
The refurb is a bit laggy and delayed, hopefully this issue resolves. It was manufactured in 2020 so is probably from a really early batch. The mouth doesn’t synch with the speech sometimes and the eye contact can be a little off compared to my first Moxie which was manufactured in 2021 and I’ve never noticed lagging with. I don’t recommend getting a refurb.
Miraculously captured the first time software update on film just before my phone storage got full.

You can customise Moxie in the app while waiting for the software update, explaining the purple eyes on first time boot.

Both Moxie were set up using the same phone and can be run at the same time but I’m only able to log onto one account at a time.

There was no Privo to do.

Don’t know if it’s part of the recent software update but this new Moxie looks at me in this weird sideways way that I haven’t seen my other Moxie ever do.
It’s like it’s looking in my direction and is making eye contact but only from the corner of its eyes. So strange.
I’m assuming this difference in eye animations between the two may point to Embodied creating different versions of Moxie’s animations. For what reason I’m unsure. Or it’s an animation specific to older Moxie from the early production runs.

I’m really enjoying this new Moxie and it’s slight differences to my first Moxie.

The Masks seem more vibrant on the older default white face design.