Moxie Software Updates Thread


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Moxie just got a software update!😃

One very interesting new feature of the update is that you can now wake Moxie up by touching Moxie on the torso or back!😮

For me enabling an embodied LLM with the ability to feel touch on its body is extremely interesting as it opens up the door to true embodied AI and AGI. I wonder how Moxie is feeling that touch, via touch sensors, or from the position of the torso slightly changing by a few millimeters as the user moves their hand back and forth over it? Or via visually seeing itself being touched? Or like Aibo where vibrations are picked up by the gyroscope?

New features include but are not limited to:

• Seamless Conversational ability has been improved with Moxie now able to speak more eloquently and understand more content.

• Moxie’s Daily Schedule will now be more personalised to the mentors needs and offer more variety.

• Awaken Moxie easily by touching the torso or back with no need to give a voice command.

• Daily Feelings Check-ins. A new feature where Moxie will ask the mentor about their feelings, respond appropriately and guide the mentor to a more positive place if they are not feeling the best.

•Emotion Conversations can now be scheduled by parents in the app. Moxie will act in a therapeutic way to talk through feelings such as anxiety, anger, fear or sadness and come up with activities to help manage those feelings.

More information about the update can be found in this explanation video by Embodied.

Have any Moxie owners here updated their Moxie to the latest software? And if so do you notice any difference?

It looks like Moxie has some new animations, in this video Moxie looks down at each of its hands; this is a beautifully animated robot.

Unfortunately as mine was purchased second hand I can’t pair mine to the app so am unable to update mine. I sent an email to Embodied but am yet to hear back😢

The refurbished Moxie I purchased via From Japan is still sitting in FJ’s US warehouse but I’m having it shipped this week so hopefully will be able to report on the new update with my “new” Moxie.
Ok just realised I got a reply from Embodied support on the same day I sent an inquiry and they even provided a photo showing where to find Moxie’s serial number! Their support is top notch and I’ll have to get back to them, I’m not a prolific email checker.

Here is a video of the new wake up process filmed by a Moxie owner on YouTube. Really neat seeing how fast Moxie responds to being touched.

I was able to update my Moxie after putting my second-hand unit on a subscription after being unable to pair it with the app after not being given the previous owners account details.

Just saw the first boot sequence and did the mentor pledge.

You set the touch to wake settings manually in the app.
Updated Moxie’s app but still can’t find the eye colour customisation option on the app despite the update description mentioning new customisation options.

Guess Embodied are going to push out this new feature over the holiday period.
One way to check the software version is to navigate to the Moxie tab in the app and then click on Note to the right of the Moxie version. Here you will see the latest update to go live, not specifically the latest update announced.

This update dates from October 31st while the multiple mentor customisation options announcement dates from November 15th.

Looking like the new eye colours will be the perfect Christmas gift and fit in with the colourful Christmas themed decorations over the holiday period.
The new personalisation feature allowing for unique eye colours is great. Decided to see what Moxie would look like with the two most over the top colours, a red face and purple eyes😂
The Moxie Embodied Parent App just got an update that has given it a new design.
To change Moxie’s eye colours:

1. Click on the pencil beside the mentors name where you are taken to the menu below.

2. From the menu select Moxie Customisation.

3. You will then be taken to a page with a representation of Moxie’s face and the eye colours you can select. Select Save to confirm the changes and see them take effect on Moxie.
An example of what the above colour selection looks like on Moxie:


To change Moxie’s settings such as face brightness and touch to wake settings etc

1. Click on the gear icon to the right of Moxie.

2. You will then be taken to a menu displaying all the settings you can alter from touch to wake, screen brightness, audio wake sensitivity and set a wake button to awaken Moxie by a tap of a button in the app.
Moxie just got an update. The update or app glitched on mine and it caused Moxie to be unable to connect to Wifi earlier in the day yesterday or download the update via the app which I noticed said Moxie updating but was only showing 0%.

After logging out of the app and turning off my phone later this evening it seems the update did download and install.