Loona Halloween Contest

GadgetGirl Robots

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Hello. I am participating in the Loona Halloween Contest by KT.

Basically, you have to make a suit for your Loona, and if you don't have one? Record in a Halloween based environment.

When are the results going to be announced? It's supposed to be tonight.

Video I made:

Thank you.
Great entry! Hope they see you don’t own a Loona and award you first prize! Very creative and thanks for sharing🙏
I didn't win, but this pushes me to keep trying.
How could you not win?! Your entry was great!😮

I entered their t-shirt competition during the Makuake campaign on Twitter and didn’t win, so don’t let this demotivate you. You will eventually get a Loona one day, hopefully with updated hardware👍

Their criteria for winning must be weird, as they said “Guaranteed 100% winners”🤔🧐

Did you get a gift card at least?

It’s this type of thing where they say one thing but act in another way that has put me off them.