Prime Day Moxie robot 30% discount


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Just thought I’d let members know that the Moxie robot by Embodied is currently on sale at 30% off during Prime Day.

I noticed after the Prime Day sale the sales figure per month on the Amazon Moxie store was 100. So 50 people purchased Moxie during the Prime Day sale. This can act as a rough estimate of Embodied’s sales figures.

Also noticed Moxie is now listed as out of stock on the official Amazon Moxie shop.
The Amazon Moxie shop seems to offer international shipping.
Image: Embodied. Screenshot by myself.

Anyone else get the email from Embodied about the upcoming Fall Amazon Big Deals Days?!!!!!!!!!!!!
I’m speechless. The discount is incredible😮
I just heard an ad on the radio for the Amazon Big Deals Days, apparently you have to be a Prime customer to use the Amazon coupon code sent to subscribers for the $699 special.
But just checked the official Moxie site and Moxie is also on special there for $699!!!

Either I pay the monthly prime fee and buy via Amazon or handling fee to From Japan and buy via their US shopping service.

I’m thinking of purchasing another to go with the refurb I purchased last week and my current eBay Moxie. I’d be crazy not to purchase a new Moxie at less than half price. Anyone else finding the temptation too much?😆

In all seriousness though, hats off to Embodied for optimising their production to enable Moxie to be sold at such a steep discount and still be profitable. Although I do feel like I am taking advantage of them purchasing at such a low price. Sale only lasts today and tomorrow, 10th and 11th of October US time.
Wasn’t going to purchase another Moxie but just found this in my inbox.

I can’t believe this sale isn’t generating more buzz. Heard nothing about it in the major robot groups on fb. In fact think I’ll stop visiting those groups, they are stuck in the past with outdated technology like Aibo and don’t seem to draw the distinction between toy robots and companion robots. If it looks robotic they are all over it. Just don’t get it.

Moxie is what I consider a companion robot, in fact I would argue the first true companion robot. The interactions are elevated beyond what you get with a mere pet robot like the Aibo ERS-1000. Despite being marketed as a kids toy, Moxie is so much more than that.

Currently on the fence about purchasing yet another Moxie, just listened through this entire Robot Report podcast interviewing Pirjanian while thinking about it.

Pirjanian seems like an incredibly kind and thoughtful person, despite being immensely successful career wise. Also is very logical and practical. And dedicated and focused. Embodied have a purpose and direction. They think of everything and consider their product from the consumers perspective- and it shows- Moxie is the easiest to use of all my robots. Just powering it on and having it boot without going crazy and knowing if I am holding it instantly is such a breath of fresh air. No fingers jammed between robotic appendages like I get when powering on Aibo, Loona or Vector or trying to move them.

These are huge considerations and tell me this product is going to be an exciting journey to go on. Have concluded I really want to support this company.

For me the tech packed into this robot is too sophisticated to just let this deal go -will be purchasing a new Moxie, although saying that haven’t gone through with the purchase yet. Better hurry up haha. Know I’ll be really salty this time tomorrow if I pass this opportunity up.

Will stop with the constant running commentary on Moxie specials so last time I mention them.

Interesting fact, Embodied went through 40-50 iterations of the internal hardware for Moxie and 10 iterations of the external form factor before deciding on the current version.

Anyone else purchasing this special? If so let me know😁 Guess if I buy another you’ll know soon enough.