Japanese Yen at 34 year low: Is now a good time to buy Lovot?


Staff member
I was doing currency conversations for prices on second-hand Lovot I’d come across for sale online and noticed the Yen is at a significant low and can’t help but wonder if now is a good time to purchase Lovot.

Anyone else taking the plunge?

I’m leaning towards getting one new through BEX. Although the lifetime subscription is an arm and a leg, at least I would own it in the end and not be perpetually renting it. I’d have to take a loan out to finance the purchase unless I sell off the rest of my robots and just own one Lovot.

I find I don’t use my other robots that much apart from Moxie due to worries about hardware issues developing as they are all rather delicate. I’m beginning to think there isn’t much point owning robots that I can’t freely use whenever I want.

It would be nice to own a robot like Lovot that was designed to be left on all day and feel like I have an actual permanent companion.

Also having a robot that you can pick up and hold naturally and have skinship with I think is the major element missing from my current robots that I need to have fulfilling companionship. Having the robot react to my presence and knowing when it is being held I feel are what will ultimately determine my decision to only own Lovot.