Optimus performs first task for the home: can now fold clothing!


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Elon Musk just posted a fascinating video on his X account showing the Tesla Optimus robot performing a task associated with housework for the first time where it is seen folding clothing.

Optimus reaches into a clothing basket and retrieves a black t-shirt with the phrase “Autopilot AI” printed on it; before neatly folding the shirt into a square.

Musk stresses in a further comment on his X post that Optimus can not yet fold clothing autonomously. But states this is because Optimus currently requires a fixed table and controlled environment.

Seeing Optimus perform a manual task familiar to everyone really makes you sit back and realise the huge impact this technology is going to have.

Image: Elon Musk via X. Tesla Bot reaches into a clothing basket and retrieves a shirt before folding it neatly into a square.

You can watch a live discussion about this currently happening here: