Optimus navigation demonstration


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Image: Elon Musk via X. The Tesla Optimus robot walking around the Optimus lab at Tesla.

Optimus navigation demonstration

Elon Musk posted this video of Optimus walking around the Optimus lab yesterday on X.

The progress Tesla has made in such a short time when compared to the sad state of robotics at other large tech giants is nothing short of incredible.

Optimus seems to be using the markers on the ground to navigate. Optimus moves briskly and smoothly.

Note the footage is blurry. Could this be to hide the logo on the chest of Optimus? Will Musk be moving his AI assets away from Tesla to a private entity?

Also we see an extensive portion of the Optimus lab not previously shown before which could explain the blurry footage. Either way knowing Musk there is a reason for this.

It is interesting to note this footage of Optimus was released on the same day Microsoft, Amazon, Intel, Samsung, Parkway Venture Capital, Align Ventures, OpenAI, ARK Venture Fund, Aliya Capital Partners, Tamarack and Nvidia announced $650 million in funding for humanoid robot rival Figure.

Feels like a full blown attack on Tesla and Optimus by the establishment. Musk and Optimus have them scared😂
They can throw all the money in the world at Figure but at the end of the day nobody else can motivate and inspire teams of people in the same way as Musk.

My bet is with Musk👍