Footage of Optimus revealed without Tesla logo


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Image: Elon Musk via X. Profile of the Tesla Optimus robot showing the hardware completely exposed.
Image: Elon Musk via X. Tesla Bot walking towards the viewer showing the feet in motion.
Image: Elon Musk via X. Optimus walking towards the viewer showing the high level of hardware complexity not usually on display to the public.
Image: Elon Musk via X. Profile view of Optimus giving a detailed look at the hardware structure. Notice the high level of complexity in the design of the feet.

Image: Elon Musk via X. Optimus viewed from behind. Notice the blue screen on the back of Optimus.

Elon Musk has tweeted footage of the Optimus humanoid robot walking. The video, approximately 15 seconds long, showcases Tesla Bot devoid of its usual sleek casing.

To expose the inner workings of the hardware to the world like this seems an unusual decision considering the recent Optimus copycat that has emerged from China. One would think Tesla would want to keep this type of sensitive information under wraps.

The raw, exposed form of the robot challenges the polished prototype image previously presented. It reminds us that Optimus is still under development, a work in progress, constantly evolving. This peek behind the curtain can be seen as both a vulnerability and a testament to Tesla's dedication to transparency and iterative design.
Optimus commentators on X have revealed Optimus is covered in motion capture balls and is in a motion capture laboratory.
Optimus appears to have heat exhaust vents located under its arms.
According to one X commentator Optimus seems to be remote controlled during this walk.
With the recent Delaware ruling against Musk one has to wonder if he will now consider spinning the Tesla Bot technology off into a private company.

Perhaps this footage showing Optimus devoid of any Tesla logo as previously seen on the Gen 2 hardware hints at that being a possibility.


A video analysing the latest Optimus footage just dropped from leading Optimus experts Dr Know It All and Dr Scott Walter.

What we know so far:

•Optimus has fan exhausts under both arms. These fans dissipate heat from the liquid used to cool the battery.

•Cooling system is more important during charging than normal operation.

•Battery pack is of an extremely refined design and slimline.

•Optimus will be unable to utilise public supercharging infrastructure. Instead it will change via a low level home charger; possibly taking less than an hour to fully charge.

•Optimus is walking down a large walkway, possibly pointing to Optimus being trained to navigate autonomously across large distances.

•Heat sink on front lower torso.

•Optimus is undergoing motion capture simulation and is covered in motion capture dots.

•Footage shot in real laboratory environment and not a staged setting as we are used to in previous Optimus material.