Official Tesla Optimus Twitter Account

The official Tesla Optimus Twitter account just posted it’s first tweet four days ago on May 17th 2023.

The tweet consists of a video displaying the incredible progress made by the Optimus team at Tesla in just a few months.

What we know so far:

Optimus can now walk
Image: Tesla. Five Optimus robots walk unaided without external support.

Image: Tesla. A Tesla Optimus robot walking outside demonstrating its ability to navigate beyond the confines of a laboratory environment.

Image: Tesla. Usually seen by Tesla owners in their electric vehicles, this view of what Optimus see’s demonstrates the transition of FSD software to a bipedal humanoid robot successfully.

Image:Tesla. Footprint of one Optimus robot showing it is capable of navigating huge distances unaided.

•Optimus can now walk and navigate using Tesla’s FSD(Full Self Driving) software found in its electric vehicles.

This is a huge departure from the Optimus we saw only a few months ago that couldn’t walk unaided.We see footage of five Optimus robots walking through Tesla production plants. We are also shown the footprint travelled by one Optimus around a Tesla gigafactory.

Optimus demonstrates highly precise torque control
Image: Tesla. A Tesla robotics researcher presents a motorised appendage using a motor from Optimus with an egg to demonstrate torque control. Optimus is capable of adjusting its motor motions extremely precisely when unexpectedly encountering the egg, resting its appendage on the egg without damaging it, demonstrating a sophisticated ability to predict the correct amount of force to exert on a given object.

Image: Tesla. A Tesla robotics researcher cracks an egg previously presented to the Tesla Optimus humanoid robot.

• In the next scene we are shown Optimus being unexpectedly presented with an egg by a Tesla researcher. Optimus delicately rests it’s appendage on the egg without cracking it before the Tesla researcher cracks the egg to demonstrate Optimus’s ability to control the force of its motor movements when impeded by unexpected external force or objects; and to not damage fragile objects.

Optimus AI in training
Image: Tesla. A Tesla robotics researcher trains an AI model in a simulation of the Optimus hardware using a motion capture suit.

Image: Tesla. A Tesla robotics researcher training the AI model that will run on the Optimus hardware using a simulated environment and real world inputs.

Image: Tesla. A Tesla Optimus humanoid robot successfully completes the highly complex task of removing various items from a box.

•Next we are shown Tesla researchers training the AI that will power Optimus using a full body motion capture suit with the aim of enabling Optimus to perform increasingly complex tasks. We are then shown Optimus controlling the angle of its hand movements to enable it to reach into a box and grasp an item without external assistance.

Unique one of a kind product
Image: Tesla. Five Tesla Optimus robots hint at their future release against the soon to be released Tesla Cybertruck.

•Finally the video ends with five Optimus against the backdrop of a Tesla Cybertruck, no doubt a nod to the release of Cybertruck in the northern hemisphere summer this year and alluding to the future release of Optimus.

Also like Cybertruck, Optimus is one of a kind product never seen before and as unique among robots as Cybertruck is among vehicles.