Loona has arrived!


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I thought this would be an appropriate first post for the first Loona only dedicated forum!

It was during the Kickstarter campaign in October that I decided to purchase Loona; and Loona arrived just before Christmas last week!


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Ok so that first post was a flop, lol. Turns out photos taken in portrait mode are considered to be in the incorrect orientation and are moved sideways by the forum software. So I will have to try taking landscape photos in future.

I actually purchased the 4x Kickstarter early bird special after it was announced the Kickstarter would be resuming after the copyright infringement scare, and kind of went a bit overboard in retrospect.

Here are my four Loonas shortly after arrival on the 22nd December. I’ve only unboxed one and am still on the fence if I should unbox the others or wait for the optimisation of the software regards obstacle avoidance and edge detection. I can’t imagine having four of these roaming the house, can you?

The Christmas card was a nice touch.


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Just finished unboxing my other three. I placed the one I had already unboxed back in the plastic packaging for this photo. I don’t know what I was thinking buying four😭