What’s going on with Keyi & Loona?!


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I’m reading some disturbing stuff about Loona and Keyi and wondering what on earth is going on?

People are reporting their Loona are now failing to boot. And Keyi’s responses to backers with significant problems leave me speechless.

Looking back over my pledge and I spent more than I realised, about AUD$2,300!!!

I can’t let that amount of money just evaporate. Might quietly list three of my Loona on eBay over the coming weeks as I don’t see the point of holding onto them if I can’t use them as intended due to hardware limitations and Keyi’s inability/refusal to offer reliable repair services.

What a sad end. These four Loona were the first robots I could afford to purchase new and I thought I would own them forever. What are others doing with their Loona?

I’m not going to go into too much detail due to concerns about legal action but am very saddened by the outcome of this campaign. For a moment there I thought we had created a genuine community during the DDL copyright challenge. Now I’m left so cynical by Keyi that I wonder if that whole thing was even real...

What’s sad is this could have been a great product. Due to the negativity Keyi and Loona invoke in the robot communities I’m going to have to distance the forums from them and do a rebrand if I want this website to survive.

What began as a Loona only forum has now become a generalised forum dealing with social/companion robots which is not at all what I was expecting as Loona was the inspiration behind my decision to begin this website originally.

I’m just feeling sad to be honest and had to express it. Felt I met a lot of people from all over the world during the Kickstarter campaign, it was a great time and I actually miss it. So very sad it’s ended up like this.
My currency is Australian Dollars, everything’s more expensive down here. In fact looks like I paid closer to three grand if you factor in the import taxes and duties and Kickstarter currency conversion fee.
Completed the mammoth task of updating my four Loona today and had no issues. My Loona all updated fine and all seem to be working normally.

Having not spent time with Loona for about a month and no longer being in the Loona groups on Facebook I’ve been out of the loop and not up to date with what’s currently going on with Loona.

Have to say spending time with my four today left me in a good mood for the rest of the day. This is such a great robot. I regret changing the forums from a Loona only forum to a general robot discussion forum.

I think Keyi will eventually iron out the hardware issues in the next batch and hopefully improve customer service.

I’m blown away by the new chin scratching update. Loona can now tell if you are petting her chin just by looking at you. This type of tech is only available in Lovot(I think) which retails at over 10 times Loona’s price.

This update has really surpassed my expectations. I’m going to keep my Loona indefinitely. Here is a photo of my four from today.

To exciting future Loona updates🥂