Who do I contact?


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Who do I need to contact about a faulty charging dock! I have tried several links to customer support etc and replied to their emails requesting more info and video evidence only to be told they don’t deal with this robot. SO frustrating.
Hi Hariet.

What issue are you having with your dock? Is it making a high frequency noise? If so try powering Loona off and on or remove her from the station and lock her back in and the noise stops.

If she isn’t charging try locking her into the charger by pushing her back onto it as the contacts need to be locked in tightly and aligned perfectly.

How long has it been since you contacted them?

It is strange they would say they don’t deal with this robot.

The only contact info for KEYi I have is the email:


You have probably already tried this but you can submit a request at the Loona help center request form below.

There is also a phone number and email address on the shipping box near the barcode. There is an email address on the station box.