r1 by Rabbit: Gimmick or the future?


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According to tech commentator Stephen Robles on YouTube the r1 will ultimately fail as phone manufacturers release their own voice activated AI systems that can perform all the same functions as the r1 without the need for a secondary device.

Reasons it is believed the r1 is expected to fail:

• Awkward connecting apps to the r1 through a web portal which also creates an issue when those apps disconnect periodically.

• Logistics of needing to carry two devices with you everywhere- your phone and the r1 device.

• Impractical if you need to quickly use an app to pay for something that hasn’t yet been added to your r1 account.

•Unable to confirm the confirmation screen from the app you are using directly and therefore always potential for the AI to hallucinate or not hear voice commands correctly.

Meanwhile Apple will be releasing a major upgrade to the iPhone16 hardware to optimise it for voice commands. Suggesting they intend to turn their AI assistant Siri into a voice activated AI assistant or companion much like the assistant found on the Rabbit r1 device.
Another thing to consider is that voice activated AI assistants created by phone manufacturers such as Apple will be running locally on the same hardware as the apps they are accessing and not via the cloud like the r1 has to; eliminating the need for WiFi connection.
I spent a few minutes with the R1 after Rabbit’s launch event, and it’s an impressive piece of hardware. Only one device (Lyu’s) was actually functional, and even that one couldn’t do much because of spotty hotel Wi-Fi.
Source: https://www.theverge.com/2024/1/9/24030667/rabbit-r1-ai-action-model-price-release-date