Prediction: Tesla Bot technology far advanced beyond anything seen before


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Sandy Munro interviewed Elon Musk about the newly launched Tesla Cybertruck.

The interesting part that captured my imagination was at time stamp 31:20 when Musk mentioned the manufacturing methods of the low cost Tesla to be released in future:

“The revolution in manufacturing that will be represented by that car will blow peoples minds. It is not like any car production line anyone has ever seen”.

“The thing that’s most interesting about this is the production system, it’s a level of technology that is far in advance of any automotive plant on earth.”

This seems to suggest Optimus production will follow a similar highly revolutionary production process; and it was interesting to note Musk was wearing a Tesla Bot AI day t-shirt during the interview, seeming to suggest the central role Optimus will one day hold as a Tesla product.

If Tesla have created a revolutionary production process for a car, imagine what incredible surprises we are install for with Tesla bot technology which will no doubt consist of never before seen hardware and software concepts.

Optimus is going to be advanced beyond anything seen before in the personal robot market.