Moxie robot going for a bargain on ebay


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Just stumbled across a Moxie robot on ebay within the $400 range and had to share it, the seller is accepting offers😱

Although it’s missing one arm, the conversational abilities of Moxie that utilise AI have me fascinated after talking to Loona with ChatGPT. Moxie’s facial expressions match the content of her conversations which adds a further dimension that I find intriguing and think this would be a lot of fun, especially when complemented with Loona in ChatGPT mode.

Seriously considering putting a low offer on this👀

The seller didn’t accept my lowball offer. After doing my research I’m glad because you need a unique key to access your Moxie which is only available via the app. You also need a subscription to use the software which I imagine would be difficult setting up with a second hand unit if my experience with Aibo is anything to go by.

I certainly wouldn’t offer more than the monthly rental fee if you plan on buying this, as without the key this will only be good for parts. With it being possible to put 70% of monthly rental fees towards a brand new Moxie purchase if you rent, and getting a steep discount on rental purchases, it simply doesn’t make sense to purchase Moxie second hand in my opinion. Rent to buy makes more financial sense.

What I found interesting was the arm seems to be modular according to this close up from the listing and reminds me of the Sony Aibo ERS-210 and it’s modular limbs. So theoretically this might be an easy fix but I personally think the risk of buying second hand isn’t worth it when Embodied offer such great deals buying new.
I got a notification informing me this Moxie is now sold. I literally just came across this video that shows the arms coming off is normal and doesn’t affect the robot at all. There was probably nothing wrong with this robot and it’s SocialX software is embedded. Just missed a bargain on a robot with embedded conversational AI😭