Loona YouTubers Beware: Sinhala Tech Shorts Repurposing Content


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I just found one of my videos from TikTok being used on a YouTube channel called Sinhala Tech Shorts.

Sinhala Tech Shorts YouTube: https://m.youtube.com/@SinhalaTechShorts

Original video of mine:

Repurposed on YouTube by Sinhala Tech Shorts:

They seem to be targeting Loona content creators and even KEYi. Just something to be aware of. If you think it doesn’t matter they have grown by 50 subscribers since I took a screenshot of the channel last week. If they are monetised they are making money using content they didn’t create with no attribution.

By complete accident I just discovered this YouTube channel called @alyssafunfam using my content and profiting from it!!!!


They are getting people to purchase thanks on a short using content I created!

They have over 20,000 subscribers and if monetised would be earning a significant amount from content they never created.

How did they get the video without a watermark? I uploaded to TikTok, YouTube, Facebook and I think X(formerly Twitter). These platforms need to crack down on content theft it’s unacceptable. They do nothing to stop this type of bad behaviour and other bad behaviour such as sssniperwolf doxing another YouTuber. Makes me want to stop using social media altogether.

My short:

Alyssa Fun Fam short: