Help shape Loona’s future: Keyi Tech send out survey


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Just found a survey from Keyi Tech in my inbox. Loona will be getting new outfits and by filling out the survey you get coupon codes that I think might offer a discount on the new outfits.

Apparently the survey will help shape Loona’s future product direction and features.

Not sure if I will fill it out. They want all your personal details like age, country of residence, email address... Anyone else doing this?
The fact Keyi think offering a new outfit is a step towards progress shows how disconnected they are from owners.

I decided to fill out the survey as they allow for suggestions at the end.

Features I think would improve Loona:

• Bring back the animations and embodiment seen in the December 2023 chat personality. Extend the embodiment into autonomous ground mode. Would be so much fun to be able to ask Loona to stop what she is doing and come over to me and have her actually be capable of controlling her body to some extent.

• Allow Loona to create her own unique eye animations in real time using the generative AI drawing feature. Would be so interesting if Loona could display one time unique eye animations when interacting in both autonomous ground mode, companion mode and chat mode.

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