Robot YouTube Content Creation: Tips & Observations


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Looking at robot videos on YouTube and creating a channel to market the forum I thought I would share the largest robot social media channels I could find in the hopes robot content creators could pick up on what works and what doesn’t.

Mindless entertainment is something I just can’t get comfortable with producing. I’ve made a few silly videos just to promote the forums as it’s the only thing that gets views; but I worry about going down the road of creating a channel of mindless entertainment just to get views.

•Hook the viewer in the first 5 seconds

•Light bright backgrounds seem to perform well

•Shoot in bright natural light, videos in dull or artificial light seem to perform poorly

•Use shorts to get organic reach

•With Musk making Twitter a paid platform, it’s only a matter of time before organic reach is impossible to get, so make the most of the opportunity on YouTube while it is still available

•Don’t use conflicting hashtags, that will confuse the YouTube algorithm and it won’t know who to show your content to, resulting in little to no views.

•Entertainment outperforms everything else.

A list of the largest robot channels I could find: