KEYi TECH showcase Loona at BEYOND Expo 2023


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A quick synopsis of Beyond Expo:

“As one of Asia’s largest and most influential international technology expositions, BEYOND Expo has drawn widespread attention from the global technology innovation industry. Founded in 2020, it has been held twice before with great success, bringing together 800+ exhibitors, 55,000+ visitors, 500+ business leaders, and world-class speakers to participate in 150+ industry panels at online and offline summits.

Technology has long been ubiquitous in our lives, revolutionizing traditional businesses and influencing every aspect of our daily lives. The global economy in 2023 and the post-pandemic era faces enormous challenges as businesses transition from reality to virtual reality. As a Chinese proverb says, there is no construction without destruction. The purpose of “Technology” is being redefined, and so is its value. Therefore, “Technology Redefined” will be the theme of BEYOND 2023, which will be hosted in Macao from May 10 to 13. Our goal is to introduce and discuss the latest innovative technologies in various industries and re-evaluate their economic value and social impact in this new era.”


Images of KEYi’s Loona exhibition booth.