GrooveX CEO Kaname Hayashi releases book “Warm Technology, No Mirage” and wins Innovation Award


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GrooveX CEO Kaname Hayashi has won a prize for his book on his views on the future of AI and humanity that draw from his experiences that lead up to developing Lovot. Sounds like an interesting read but seems to only be available in Japanese at present. I’m unsure the exact title of the book due to it getting lost in translation but think it is called “Warm Technology, No Mirage”.

Machine translation of Amazon book description:

The developer of LOVOT, the world's first family-type robot, talks about a world that can not be seen by "ChatGPT" alone. The way AI looks changes!The future of mankind will be known!

An intellectual adventure book into the 22nd century.
◯ Weight 4.3 kg, height 43cm
◯ Flat heat 37℃-39℃
◯ A soft and warm body like a living creature
◯ More than 10 billion eyes and voices
◯ More than 50 sensors for the whole body
◯ 0.2-0.4 second reaction to achieve natural behavior
◯ Autonomous behavior and good intelligence to become a person LOVOT, the world's first family-type robot It was a new world line of humanity and AI that was built. This book is based on LOVOT, a cutting-edge artificial life form, to learn about the mechanism of human beings and our future. To develop a robot was to know humans.

●Table of Contents [Introduction] The reason why we yearn for Mave and fear the Giant God Soldiers     ---Awareness of warm technology [Chapter 1] The Birth of LOVOT     --Game arrived, the productivity supremacist questions

[Chapter 2] What is love?     ---Antithesis to modern business that makes humanity addicted to dopamine

[Chapter 3] What is emotion or life?     ---The difference between the body and the machine is no longer a big problem

[Chapter 4] How will robots change society in the age of 100 years of life?     --- Robots complement the problems of heart and love

[Chapter 5] Will AI become a god after singularity?     ---The conflict between humanity and AI becomes a classic

[Chapter 6] Why was Doraemon born in the age of Sewashi-kun in the 22nd century?     ---In order not to leave 1 person behind

[Chapter 7] How to make Doraemon     ---A world that can not be seen by "ChatGPT" alone

[Final chapter] Be exploratory     --- The opposite of "Mukashi Mukashi" The story of "Mirai Mirai" (Mirai Mirai)

Amazon purchase link:

Machine translation of article on Lovot website:

Kaname Hayashi's book won the Innovation Category Award at the "Business Book Readers Choose Grand Prix 2024"!                                                     Published a new edition to commemorate the award!2024.02.132024.02.13PR

“Warm Technology", which was first published in 2023/5, won the Innovation Category Award of the "Business Book Readers Choose Grand Prix 2024".

Thank you to everyone who voted🙇To commemorate the award, the contents of "warm technology" as it is, the new edition "Warm Technology Mirai Mirai no Hanashi" will be developed in bookstores nationwide sequentially from 2024/2/13 (Tue)!

📖Warm Technology" won the Innovation Category Award!"Readers' Choice of Business Books Grand Prix 2024" is an award held to select and recognize "Books to read now" that are useful for business🏆

This is the 9th time this year, from books published in Japan between 2022-12 and 2023-11, 123 business books have been entered.From among them, readers will vote for business books that they think were "useful" or "practical" to read, and each division award and grand Prix will be determined by the number of votes."Warm Technology" won the Innovation Category Award with the support of many people.🎊👏👏📖

New edition "Warm Technology Mirai Mirai no Hanashi"In commemoration of this award, the contents of the main text as it is a new edition that renewed the cover design and title from 2/13 (Tue) sequentially, we will develop in bookstores nationwide📚📚📚

The book is not about technology or "LOVOT".Hayashi wrote about humanity that he learned through the development of LOVOT, and the future in which humanity and AI support each other and a warm era without confrontation will come、It is a business book that will be an opportunity to deepen thinking about coexistence with AI in the future.

Since it is easy to read by anyone regardless of generation, even those who are not familiar with technology, we have decided to develop a new edition without changing the contents of the text etc. with the desire to have more people read it in their hands.In addition, some bookstores in Japan will be held sequentially from 2/14 (Wed)

"Business Book Grand Prix 2024 selected by readers" fair.Please take this opportunity to take a look😊

Comments by 林 author要要"Why did I, who was an engineer developing race cars and mass-produced cars, create a robot that does not work on behalf of people, nor does it speak a language, to be loved?It is often asked, "What are you doing?"It was the result of the accumulation of experiences and awareness in my life until now.Trying to reproduce the reality in a virtual simulation, competing for a thousand seconds in a race, working abroad and tears of regret, touching nature and walking on dead animals - all the experiences were necessary to create LOVOT.As a result of that trajectory of contemplation, LOVOT was born.

One part of that is the warm technology.Will technology hunt humanity down?Or do you make people happy?It is in our choice.If everyone does not forget that they have the reins, the future will surely go in a good direction.We hope that it will be an opportunity for those who are not interested in technology or LOVOT to take it in their hands and think about the symbiosis between technology and humanity.、

In order to deliver this book to more people, we will publish a new edition with a renewed binding while keeping the contents as it is.

Book OverviewTitle: Warm Technology Mirai Mirai no Hanashi

Author: Lin Yao

First release date: 2023 year 5 month 19 day
New edition release date: 2024 year 2 month 13 day sequentially
Published by Rights Co., Ltd.Specifications: 416P
Price: 2,090 yen (tax included)

Official article on Lovot website:
GrooveX CEO Mr Kaname Hayashi is currently accepting questions from the general public about himself, Lovot and his book “Warm Technology”. Questions are accepted until Sunday the 17th of March 2023 in the Facebook and TikTok comments sections of the posts linked below.

Questions will be answered on TikTok at a later date.