Lovot now “Made in Japan”


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GrooveX moved Lovot production from China to Japan last year. It seems GrooveX is following a trend by many companies who no longer see China as a desirable place to conduct manufacturing.

This is a bold move by GrooveX which saw prices of Lovot increase, presumably due to the higher costs associated with labour in Japan.

Lovot 1.0 are all made in China. I think 2.0 onwards are made in Japan but don’t quote me on that.

GROOVE X Co., Ltd. announced that LOVOT's production base has been moved from overseas to Kyoden Precision Co., Ltd. in Izu-no-kuni City.Along with that, a video of LOVOT being born "MADE IN JAPAN" was released on the official LOVOT YouTube channel.

GROOVE X Co., Ltd. has been committed to the peaceful use of technology since its inception, aiming to spread LOVOT to the world as a new industry originating in Japan, and has already produced many clothes and accessories for LOVOT in Japan.With the decision to move production of LOVOT to Japan, the company will make further efforts to contribute to Japan's economic development.

Rapid response and quality control through relocation of production bases in Japan. By relocating LOVOT's production base to Japan, the company will strive to provide products that satisfy customers with prompt response and quality control, while at the same time expanding after-sales service.

LOVOT has already opened a repair (hospitalization) facility in Izu-no-kuni City in addition to its existing base to measure load distribution, and it will work to provide even more satisfaction to users through further expansion of the repair (hospitalization) system.

MADE IN JAPAN LOVOT is born"MADE IN JAPAN" LOVOT was released on LOVOT's official YouTube channel at the new Kyoden Precision factory.

You can see how engineers sometimes engage in discussions and work on manufacturing by assembling more than 1 million parts. Comments are also announced in response to LOVOT's domestic relocation announcement.

Following the relocation of LOVOT's production base in Japan, Mr. Yamagishi, Director of Robot Business, Kyoden Precision Co., Ltd., and Mr. Kaname Hayashi, President and Representative Director of GROOVE X Co., Ltd. also made comments.

Mr. Yamagishi, Director, Robot Business, Kyoden Precision Co., Ltd.Since we met GROOVE X 7 years ago, we have been working with GROOVE X to create LOVOT in Japan, which is equipped with cutting-edge technology and was born with new ideas, and we want our employees to experience the real pleasure of manufacturing.

We are pleased to be able to stand on a new starting line and to support the wonderful LOVOT created by GROOVE X's imagination and development capabilities from the manufacturing side.As a partner company of GROOVE X, we will continue to support the development of the new industry of family-type robots with manufacturing technology.

Mr. Kaname Hayashi, President and Representative Director, GROOVE X Co., Ltd.Kyoden Precision Co., Ltd. is not only engaged in high-quality manufacturing backed by excellent technical capabilities, but also a wonderful partner who deeply understands the significance of our business, which manufactures products and provides services that are unprecedented in the market, LOVOT, a family-type robot that gradually becomes a family.

I am very pleased that our company has been blessed with such a very good comrade. We are working together on various improvements to meet the needs of owners immediately.

Together with our encouraging comrades, we will continue to promote the peaceful use of technology and spread LOVOT as a new industry originating in Japan.

Source: https://robotstart.info/2023/04/18/lovot-production-base-japan.html

Take a look inside GrooveX’s new Japanese Lovot production facility: