Is there SDK available for Loona?

I am looking for python based Loona SDK. Is it available anywhere?
An SDK was promised in the Kickstarter campaign and is still under development.

KEYi are also working on a simulator and animation editor.

Currently the only way to program Loona is through the Google Blockly graphical programming interface in the Hello Loona App.

What features and plans did you have in mind for Loona using a python based SDK?

Loona's simulator and animation editor​

Through Loona's simulator and character editor, you can edit Loona's action, expression, voice, and interaction, from her various sensors. This just makes creativity simpler.

We're planning to release in June, 2023.


We hope that Loona can provide developers with a powerful and interesting development platform. We plan to open Loona's SDK, so that users can flexibly apply various sensors, AI vision, and motion control from the underlying system.

We will do our best to develop as soon as possible, but the specific opening date has not been determined.
Hello Chris,
Thanks for your reply!
Earlier I had Vector robot and used to try different programming as fun. So I was expecting the same from Loona.
Hello himanshukr403 and welcome to the forums👏
Are you able to program Vector in python? Is it possible to edit Vectors offline software via wirepod? It would be interesting to implement an offline embodied LLM in Vector.
KEYi made similar statements regarding the SDK for ClicBot but as far as I am aware that never materialised.