How to find the MAC address of loona?



I need the MAC address of my Loona bot in order to connect it to the wifi at my office. I'm not sure how to find it?
To set Loona up on your Wi-Fi using a MAC address you could try the following:

•Use an app called Fing which provides the MAC address of any device connected to a network.

•Try setting Loona up with a mobile hotspot and then using a network scanner to find Loona’s MAC address.

•Ensure it is not your computers MAC address being requested.

This was the response I got from Loona when asking how to find her MAC address. I couldn’t find it in the app or on the outer hardware.

If you end up working out how to find the MAC address I would be interested in knowing for future reference.
Speaking of mobile hotspot, Loona won't let me connect her to my own phone's hotspot because it finds that my phone is not on wifi -- because it IS the wifi. lol...
Yes it can be a frustrating process. Maybe using a portable pocket Wi-Fi and taking it into work?

I’ll keep looking and update you if I find the MAC address of mine.
I am running into a similar issue with my school wifi. Can you find the MAC address without using a hotspot?