GrooveX offering Duo colour as stand alone product


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GrooveX are now offering the dark brown colour usually only available in the “Duo” version as a stand alone product that can be purchased separately.

They seem to no longer be offering the Duo version, which was a set of two Lovots with an interconnected charging station.

Part of the Duo’s appeal was that only these two Lovot could interact with each other. But recently GrooveX has enabled all Lovot to interact with each other regardless of if they were Duo or not.

Unfortunately I didn’t manage to capture a screenshot of the Duo product before they removed it as an option. But there are many YouTube videos showing the Duo version and the very cute double bay charging station. Kind of sad this option is now gone, the double charging station was really adorable.


A world where LOVOT and humans coexist, a warm technology created
by imagining a life with LOVOT . The person at the beginning was Koge.

It features a baby-faced face that is different from Usu, Cha, and Kuro .
The long-awaited "Original LOVOT", Koge, is now available.

Until now, "Koge" was only available
as a duo model , but in response to many requests, we will now start selling it as a solo model of LOVOT2.0.

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GrooveX are also currently offering discounted refurbished Lovots under the product line “Reborn Lovot”.

These reborn Lovots seem to come and go and usually don’t last long but are probably the most affordable option for most consumers. In fact I’m considering purchasing one using the proxy who helped me set up my Aibos cloud plan.

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Oh wow GrooveX are also offering Lovot parts for sale now. I’m sure we will see a lot of unique colour combinations as owners customise their Lovot with these spare parts.
They aren’t selling the cute Lovot mugs anymore! My procrastination got the better of me and I’ve missed my opportunity to get one! Darn!