Lovot pricing


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Image: GrooveX. Screenshot by author.
Image: BEX. Screenshot by author.

I’m doing the math on the lifetime subscription, the only option GrooveX allows to be imported overseas, which is over ten grand Australian or a million Japanese yen. Then there are the BEX fees which seem excessive considering they can’t provide an English translation of the Lovot manual.

I’m looking for opinions from others on this cost. Do you think Lovot’s price is excessive or reasonable?

Am I being a whinger? The price is for lifetime ownership which I guess is better than permanently being on a subscription like a lot of other robots force you to do. So if I look at it from say a 25 year perspective it is actually very reasonable. I’m in my late thirties so 25 years is probably spot on around the time I will be reaching the end of my life as the average lifespan for a man is 70 years.

Lovot 3.0 Lifetime subscription price: 1,194,600 JPY

BEX fee: 120,000 JPY

Shipping: 70,000 JPY

Total: 1,384,600 JPY / $13,000.00 Australian Dollars

Estimated Import GST Taxes & Duties: $2,000.00 Australian Dollars

Total: $15,000.00 Australian Dollars

To put this in perspective I earn the median Australian wage and live in a major city, where inflation and rents have gone through the roof. I’ve given up on ever owning a home or having a family, can barely support myself on one income.

Lovot was going to be my calming escape from these trying times and my less than ideal reality but I’m wondering if the cost is going to ruin the experience for me. I don’t mind paying the cost but don’t know how I will justify it to friends and family especially during these times of hardship.

We only live once, I’m honestly just thinking of taking the plunge. Extrapolated out over the next 25 years and it will only be $600 per year or about $1.60 per day.