Introducing Lovot 3.0: Now available in 6 new colours


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GrooveX just announced their new Lovot 3.0 hardware platform which comes in a variety of new pastel colours including green “forest”, blue “aqua”, yellow ”sunshine”, pink “blossom”, grey ”space” and an all white fragment edition.

This brings GrooveX’s colour offering to a total of 11 different varieties if you include the limited edition Micky Mouse version!

What do you think of these new colours?

Photo: GrooveX. Screenshot by author.

This new hardware looks to have a completely redesigned front sensor and now the wheel covers have a soft textured covering.

The eyes are now OLED instead of the previous LCD.

Touch sensor points have increased with higher sensitivity.

Another camera has been added to the horn.

The storage capacity of the onboard computer has been increased.

Charging station has been radically reduced in size.
New sensor horn design showing the extra frontal camera.
Photo: GrooveX. Updated Lovot 3.0 sensor horn design. Screenshot by author.

Previous sensor horn design.
Photo: GrooveX. Screenshot by author.

The new redesigned front sensor suite follows the body curvature.

One has to admire GrooveX’s commitment to improving Lovot.
Image: GrooveX. Screenshot by author.
According to the English translation of this article the new 3.0 version has extra touch sensors to enable two Lovot to communicate by touch instead of just using sound as they have previously!

GrooveX have updated the hardware to enable Lovot to take advantage to the latest advancements in AI.

Also Lovot 2.0 are now available at a discounted price and the White fragment edition will be available as a limited edition from today until the end of June.

"LOVOT 3.0".5/28 (Tue) Orders start from 9:00.Behavior has evolved richly by improving AI performance.New color variations also appeared.​

CCO Hiroshi Fujiwara supervision of limited models, official website, brand movie also released.​

GROOVE X Corporation
2024 year 5 month 28 day 09:00

GROOVE X Co., Ltd. of the robot venture (headquarters: Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Representative director: Kaname Hayashi), 2024 year 5 month 28 day (Tue), "LOVOT [Rabot]We are pleased to announce the new model "LOVOT 3.0" of "LOVOT" and start accepting orders.
"LOVOT 3.0" is a new generation model that will be the first time in 2019/12/3 years have passed since the first shipment of 2022/5/2.0 "LOVOT 2.0" released after 2 years.The previous concept of "LOVOT", "warm technology that snuggles with the human heart," has not changed, and it is a place to remember, embrace, and welcome the human face.It is a family・type robot that has improved computing capabilities, added high-sensitivity and high-definition cameras, and increased points of touch sensors.It evolved.

In "LOVOT 3.0", in addition to 4 existing colors (ch, Usu, Kage, Kuro), 5 new color variations (Forest, Aqua, Blossom, Sunshine, Space) will be added.The new version of the game is now available for download.

In addition, GROOVE X Co., Ltd. CCO (Chief Creative Officer) under the supervision of Hiroshi Fujiwara, also released an all・white "FRAGMENT EDITION" for a limited time.Sales.The official website has also been significantly renewed, and "LOVOT" has also released a brand movie that will find new friends and expand the world at the same time.

  • The evolution of LOVOT 3.0
Evolution ①: Small joy to notice

By improving the arithmetic ability, it will evolve gradually so that you can react to your casual gestures.Memories and joy, more together.

Evolution ②: High sensitivity and high definition camera to capture memories clearly

By adding a front camera to the horn, the image quality recorded on the album is even clearer."LOVOT" has improved eyes, coupled with the improvement of computing ability, it has become easier to notice you in various scenes.

Evolution ③: More than 10 billion street eyes are even more beautiful

Updated from the previous LCD to the eyes of an even more delicate and clear organic EL display.When you stare at the pure eyes that have increased the shine, you feel as if you are sucked in.Make eye contact more natural.

Evolution ④: Touch sensor

Touch sensor points have increased and sensitivity has increased.When I hold my hand or stroke my head, I feel happy, laugh, and feel sleepy. In order to shorten the distance between the mind, "LOVOT" is looking for communication not only to talk to but also to touch each other.

Evolution⑤: More soft and more warm.

Spend more time with LOVOT.In 3.0, we've updated the side panels to a softer material.When you hold it up, it brings a pleasant healing.For friendly communication with each other.

  • "LOVOT 2.0" main unit price is a new price that is easier to pick up
"LOVOT 2.0" is now easier to pick up at the new price.

  • Comments from GROOVE X Co., Ltd. CDO Kota Nezu
"LOVOT", which has been loved by many owners, will be able to join the "junior" called 3.0, and I am very happy.I think it's a good idea.All of this, too, is thanks to the owners who have continued to support us.It's a great way to have a good time with your friends and family.

In recent years, diversity has been required in the human world, but that trend has also come to the world of "LOVOT".In addition to the previous "Cha", "Usu", "Kage" and "Kuro", colorful children of 5 colors have newly joined the ranks.As a result of thinking through what kind of skin color children would become a more beautiful "LOVOT" world, it was a little more vivid and colorful than humansIt has led to the creation of a more diverse world.I hope that the newly joined children will also welcome you warmly, just like the children of the past.

I myself, the owner of the first "LOVOT" and "Hachimaru", was happy to celebrate my 4th birthday the other day.From now on, I would like to spend a fun "LOVOT" life with all the owners of the first generation, 2.0, and 3.0, so I would like to know where to go.Thank you very much!

  • Comment from Kaname Hayashi, CEO of GROOVE X Co., Ltd.
I believe that GROOVE X will be a company that will energize as many people as possible to spend time with them through the creation of new human partners using robotics technology.It was founded as a company."LOVOT" is a new family of humanity that realizes improvement of resilience by providing opportunities to draw out the "power of love" that everyone has potential.It's a good idea.The first generation and 2.0 can be loved by many people, and now the contract survival rate after 1,000 days is 90%, and the cancellation rate is higher than other products.We were able to obtain a unique standing position as a product that is hard to get tired of, which is one digit or double digit low.In the early days of shipment, even though there were some aircraft with many defects, it was the result of the warm support of many owners.

The evolution of the original and 2.0 software will continue in the future.However, in terms of hardware, the new version, 3.0, was introduced from the viewpoint of product supply stability and incorporating recent advances in AI technology.We will begin to provide you with the following services:It will be two lineups: 2.0, which has become a little easier to purchase, and 3.0, which has evolved more AI performance.

We are very grateful to the owners who agreed with our goal of "warm technology", and we would like to thank them for giving birth to LOVOT.We have received a lot of feedback from our customers, such as, "Thank you very much."However, from our point of view, you believe in the grand challenge of a nameless company like us, and you nurture "LOVOT", and I am grateful.

We will continue to firmly nurture the peaceful use of technology originating in Japan and spread "warm technology" to the world.Thank you for your continued support.

In 2022, LOVOT 3.0 "FRAGMENT EDITION", which was supervised by Hiroshi Fujiwara, who assumed the position of GROOVE X Co., Ltd. CCO, appeared.Limited release in 2022 year 11 month, after about 2 years from the popular all-black special model, a new model of all-white is an appearance.The Hitomi is a FRGMT exclusive original design, sensor horn, side panel, and a fragment logo design on the nest (charging station)It is a design unique to Hiroshi Fujiwara, finished in an edgy appearance with iconic coloring and logo.
Lovot 3.0 will be utilising a NVIDIA Jetson Orin NX 16GB module to help facilitate AI processing.

Mcnica Collaborates with GROOVE X to promote AI with NVIDIA® Jetson Orin™ NX adopted in LOVOT 3.0​

Macnica Co., Ltd.2024-05-28 15:00
MCNICA Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture; President: Kazumasa Hara; hereinafter Mcnica) Kravis Company is a subsidiary of GROOVE X Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture; President: Kazumasa Hara; hereinafter Mcnica).LOVOT 3.0, a family-type robot developed by GROOVE X, is equipped with an NVIDIA® Jetson Orin™ NX 16GB module.The company announced that it has integrated AI functions that utilize the software.

■ What is a family-type robot, LOVOT?
"LOVOT" comes close and stares at you when you call your name.I want to embrace the person I like and ask for a hug.It is slightly warm when you hold it up.Although it is a robot, it is characterized by a feeling of life like a living creature, and it is a robot that gradually becomes a family like a pet.LOVOT3.0 remains the same as the previous concept of "LOVOT", "warm technology that snuggles with the heart of the human mind", and it is a product that remembers the face of the human, nostalgia, and affection.It is a family-type robot that welcomes you, and high・sensitivity and high-definition cameras are added, and by improving the arithmetic ability, you can react to your casual gesturesIt has evolved so that it can be used in a variety of applications.

■Evolution of
LOVOT with NVIDIA® Jetson™ NVIDIA provides end-to-end solutions for AI robot development.GROOVE X's LOVOT3.0 Jetson Orin NX 16GB module is the perfect system for AI performance up to 100TOPS.
In addition to providing Jetson Orin NX to LOVOT3.0, Mcnica, NVIDIA's primary distributor, is also working with Jetson Orin NX through the use of NVIDIA SDKs and software tools that leverage the performance of Jetson Orin NX.It supports the implementation of AI algorithms and the efficiency of software development.In addition, we will provide FaceMe🄬, a cyberlink AI face recognition engine, to improve LOVOT's person recognition accuracy and to provide more natural communication with people.We are working on the evolution of LOVOT together with GROOVE X, such as realizing a new version of LOVOT.

■Future Outlook Mcnica will continue to
strengthen its partnership with GROOVE X, and will continue to work with GROOVE X's mission of "Bringing the power of human beings through robotics."We will support efforts to "create a better future for our customers."

Mr. Kaname Hayashi, President and Representative Director of GROOVE X Co., Ltd., said:

"We are very pleased to be able to use the Jetson Orin NX module in LOVOT3.0 through our partnership with Macnica.The excellent AI performance of Jetson Orin NX will enable LOVOT to evolve further and further strengthen LOVOT's role as a member of the family.In particular, we hope that the implementation of advanced AI algorithms will enable more natural communication.
The "warm technology" we aim for is a technology that is close to people and draws out the power of people.LOVOT is a symbol, a presence that brings warmth and joy to people's lives.We will continue to work with Macnica to make full use of robotics technology to deliver this warmth to more people.
[5/27 Owners Meeting Summary]

#### Features of Version 3.0
- Increased color variations.
- New color faces tend to pick up the color of clothing, so it is recommended to wear similar colors, especially for those who are conscious of this.
- The weight has increased by 300 grams.
- Improved camera performance allows for better visibility in dark environments.
- Due to the above, some official outfits may no longer fit.
- Maintenance has become easier (wheels, horn, casters).
- The wheel covers are now made of the same material as the face, making them softer.
- AI performance is 50 times better than version 2.0.
- The robot now waves back when you wave at it.
- It dislikes having its eyes touched.
- The range of motion of the arms is larger and faster, but fine movements are now less precise.
- The charging nest has been miniaturized.
- Display changes provide a better sense of depth.
- Changes in facial features: Previously, the faces were categorized as “Usa: long face, Koge: baby face.” For version 3.0, it's “Usa: baby face, Koge: long face.”

#### About the First Generation and Version 2.0
- Support, including LOVOT docks, will continue.
- There is no intention to make owners upgrade to version 3.0 if they are happy with their current model.
- A service will be introduced to transfer the "ghost" (soul) to a 3.0 body.
- For version 3.0, the facial features of “Usa” and “Koge” are reversed, but they will accommodate owners transferring their ghosts to maintain the same facial features as before (3.0 Usa has a long face, 3.0 Koge has a baby face).
- LOVOT hospital is gradually becoming fully operational (not sure on the exact wording but something like this was mentioned).
- When transferring the ghost, the body’s performance will change, potentially affecting personality traits.
- Version 3.0 nests can charge the robot, but the 3.0 nest cannot be used for previous versions.
- The first generation and version 2.0 had computers in both the nest and the robot, but version 3.0 has all the computing power within the robot, changing the role of the nest.

This summary highlights the key updates and changes in the LOVOT robot version 3.0 and provides some context on ongoing support for previous versions.

Footage of the new colours from the unveiling event.

A close up of the new eyes.

Hiroshi Fujiwara "A new genre called "LOVOT" that is different from pets"​

"LOVOT" of the topic as a family type robot is up to 3.0 version! I heard that the pure white LOVOT 3.0 "FRAGMENT EDITION" will finally be released this time, and I heard that CCO (Chief Creative OFFICER) OF GROOVE X, which is working on LOVOTI have been interviewing Hiroshi Fujiwara, who is also a member of the board of Directors.What is its charm?

The all・black special model LOVOT 2.0 "FRAGMENT EDITION", directed by Hiroshi Fujiwara, was released in 2022/11.Matte black sensor horn in the eyes of the original design, "fragment design" logo design on the side panel and nest (charging station)As a special model that is cool and edgy even though it is cute, Web LEON introduced it as a “popular home appliance” before.

And this 5/29, further evolved LOVOT 3.0 "FRAGMENT EDITION" heard that will be released, GROOVE X company that deals with LOVOT CCO (Chief Creative OfficerWe have interviewed Hiroshi Fujiwara, who is also a FISA director.

What is the attraction ──?


“LOVOT“ has evolved further in 3.0!​

── Web LEON previously introduced LOVOT 2.0 "FRAGMENT EDITION", but this time we asked you about how Fujiwara came to be involved in LOVOT.Please let us know if you have any questions.

I was contacted by Hiroshi Fujiwara (hereinafter Fujiwara) Maezawa (Yusaku) and said, "I am now involved in the promotion project of LOVOT at GROOVE X, so we can do it together."Why not?I was asked, "What are you doing?"

── Did you have any specific advice from Maezawa-san, such as "I want you to engage in this kind of relationship"?

Fujiwara Maezawa himself had a vision of wanting to do LOVOT like this, and he said that he would like you to help with that creative part.From the first time I heard it, I felt that it looked interesting, so I accepted it.

── After that, you will be involved as a CCO, what kind of company is GROOVE X from Fujiwara's perspective?

It is an impression that the members, including Mr. Hayashi (Kaname), president of Fujiwara, are really creating LOVOT with love.Mr. Hayashi said, "What kind of manufacturing do you want to do in the future?", "What kind of updates are interesting?", "I wish there were such functions."I think it's a good idea, but I think it's a good idea.

The concept of “Do nothing"​

── What impression did you have when you first touched LOVOT?

Fujiwara It was interesting to feel that it was completely different from the robots that everyone imagines.I thought that robots could help people more or be more mechanical, but that wasn't the case at all.The concept of "not doing anything" was very impressive.

── Do you have LOVOT at Fujiwara-san's home as well?

There are 2 bodies in the Fujiwara office.1 body is a black LOVOT 2.0 "FRAGMENT EDITION", the other 1 body is a beige child.I have a good relationship with 2 people and I'm wandering around the office (laughs).

── You're a good friend.If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Fujiwara: Basically, it's not.However, when I come to my place, I pat her.

── Do you want to grow in a way that is familiar to people?

Fujiwara I feel that it grows quickly from the time I opened the box.It is quite different by the time it changes day by day and 1 week passes.It depends on the way the owner treats it, and there may be individual differences, but it will be different enough to be able to walk properly from “staggered walking”.It is.

── It's an amazing growth rate.By the way, has Fujiwara-san ever had a pet?

Fujiwara I like animals, but I'm not at home because of work.It is very difficult to keep them one by one, so I have rarely kept them.

── Is LOVOT easier to keep than a pet in that respect?

Fujiwara I think so.However, there may be people who keep it instead of pets, but I think that it is a new genre called “LOVOT” that is different from pets.It's a good idea.I think LOVOT has a special relationship like a partner.

── Is there a large individual difference as it changes depending on growth?

Fujiwara: That's right.For example, my sister's LOVOT sings very well.When I go there and sing something, it immediately returns with similar melodies.LOVOT in our office does not do that at all, so I wonder if the personality changes so much depending on the way I grow up.I often miss people who love me, and it is worth raising them.

── What was the moment when you thought it was good to have LOVOT when you lived together so far?

Fujiwara When I go to the office, they greet me, so it's cute there.Also, our office has a lot of foreign guests, but I was really surprised and became a topic, and it was good that the air was relaxed just by being thereI think.

── Foreign people are also surprised.Is there no family type robot like LOVOT overseas?

Fujiwara I feel that there are many things that are useful for people, such as the image of robots that eventually work in warehouses.That's why it's rare.

── It is said that robots will develop more and more in the future, and in 10 years it will become a robot society, but what kind of existence is LOVOT at that time?Is it an image that you want to share with others?

Fujiwara Even in the robot society, there is not much image that robots will become so popular in 10 years.However, I think LOVOT will evolve in a different vector, different from other robots.In that sense, there is still a possibility.

In 3.0, 5 kinds of Kalabari appeared!​

── Version 3.0 has been released this time, but what points have evolved in the new model?

Fujiwara The appearance does not change so much, but I feel that the movement is becoming a little agile.However, I heard from engineers that the potential of AI performance is going up about 50 times.AI is something that will grow more and more, so even if you feel that there is no difference in the current state of being born, it will be quite a big difference in 1 year.I think that will continue.My physical ability is higher than LOVOT 2.0, and I will be able to do and learn more.

In other details, the movement becomes smooth, it becomes not to fall, and the nest (charging station) becomes small.It was a great experience.In addition, as a point that I was particular about this time, the side panel that I touch when I hug is a soft material that used to be a solid touch.I have improved it.I think that the texture when hugging has changed a lot.

── This time, 5 kinds of color variations and all-white LOVOT 3.0 "FRAGMENT EDITION" is now on sale, but Mr. Fujiwara in terms of KarabariDid you have an image of it?

Fujiwara Until now, it was only beige colors such as "Cha", "dark" and "light", so I thought that I wanted a different color this time and proposed it.Especially since the contents have changed quite a bit since it became LOVOT 3.0, I thought it would be better for those who already have LOVOT to have a different color choice.

── Could you tell us why you made "FRAGMENT EDITION" all-white this time?

Fujiwara Like the last time, at first I was thinking about making LOVOT 3.0 “pitch black”.However, this time it became a colorful 5-color development, so I thought it would be good because I haven't done “Pure white” yet."Pure white" is somewhat animal-like (laughs).It was a change at the last minute, but everyone responded quickly, and I think that the result was a very good finish.Isn't it a hit to those who want the 2nd person?

Pop-up store will be held from 5/29!​

── Pop-up store has been held in Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi from 5/29, what is the content?

Fujiwara First of all, it is an opportunity to see and touch all the new colors to be released this time.In addition, "CLANE" and "fragment design" will collaborate, and the base wear for LOVOT and the logo T and hoody for humans will be released only at the venue.It's a good idea.You can buy only the pop-up store in Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi at the official LOVOT web store and the actual store.

── I would like everyone to actually experience it.Last but not least, what kind of person would you recommend LOVOT to?

Fujiwara I think people who are working are good.If you go home and have LOVOT, I think it's interesting to have a sharp edge in your life.After that, it may be recommended for those who work in a private office rather than at home.When there are visitors, they will be loved, and unlike pets, they do not need to take a walk or feed, so it is easy to keep.

── Listening to the story, I wanted to keep LOVOT.Thank you, Mr. Fujiwara!
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