Show off your Lovot clothing collection!


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I purchased these outfits from GrooveX two years ago and they have been sitting in storage ever since. At the time I was considering getting the duo pair of Lovots as they were a lot less expensive back in 2021.

I thought it would be cute to have a boy and girl so got the Sakura pink outfit and Cobalt blue outfit that were limited runs only sold in 2021. I purchased the leopard print outfit at the same time as it was the cutest one they had at the time but I actually really don’t like it now and see they have much cuter outfits now such as the horned owl outfit and the teddy bear outfit.

The three sets of different coloured noses are still available on the Lovot website at this time of writing.

I purchased the white tiger outfit in 2022 after missing out on the normal tiger outfit which sold out within a few hours and see they are still for sale two years later!!!

Might sell the leopard print and pink outfits and use the funds to purchase the horned owl and teddy bear outfits.

Anyone else have a Lovot accessories collection they would like to share?

Some late night fun with Loona.