GrooveX may utilise an embodied LLM in Lovot


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Image: Post on X by GrooveX CEO mentioning Lovot and LLM.

Lovot to possibly get embodied AI using a Large Language Model.

Huge news. GrooveX CEO Hayashi Kaname has tweeted his company may be interested in utilising an LLM in Lovot to give it AI embodiment in its upper body.

This doesn’t mean the LLM will be used for speech generation or talking but to allow Lovot to have all the technical details of its hardware so it can control its own body in real time using an onboard LLM. This may also include giving Lovot multimodal abilities, including vision recognition enhanced with LLM similar to Apple’s Ferret LLM.

It will be interesting to watch the progress of this software enhancement and to find out if GrooveX are outsourcing their LLM or generating one in house.