Moxie gets a facelift: Embodied Inc rebrand Moxie with a new logo design


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Embodied Inc have rebranded Moxie with a new logo design. What do you think of it?🤔

After reading the announcement and the reasons behind the rebrand I really like it.

A major reason for the change was Embodied Inc wanted Moxie to appeal to children and adults. I like that they are also considering the opinions of adults as so many companion robots these days that feature all this sophisticated tech are aimed at children, which I just don’t understand when it’s the adults buying them in the first place.

The article also mentions this rebrand will also include the type of content created for Moxie, such as new software updates that expand Moxie’s curriculum. Hopefully that means there will be new and exciting content aimed at an older audience.

The words grow, families and evolve have me optimistic Embodied Inc might be considering broadening the target audience for Moxie. Maybe they are gearing up to release Moxie globally.

You can read the official announcement by Embodied Inc here:
Hallo, ich bin auch schon sehr lange fasziniert von Moxie. Und damit bin ich hier nicht alleine.
Lebe in Deutschland. Möchte sie auch gerne „adoptieren„. 😊👍

Hello, I've also been fascinated by Moxie for a very long time. And I'm not alone here.
Living in Germany. Would you like to "adopt" her too? 😊👍