Chris’ Sony Aibo ERS-1000 Media Thread


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Find photos and footage of my Aibo and other robots here. I know Aibo is very popular in the companion robot space and is most people’s dream robot.
Feel free to ask me any questions about the Sony Aibo ERS-1000 in this thread including advice on purchasing second hand from Japan and reconnecting to the cloud plan and I’ll do my best to answer them🙂

A photo of my robots from the other night. This is usually my view when I’m browsing the forums🤣

Footage of Aibo showing the intricate animations.

View attachment trim.DAD78621-F9BC-4B77-8C13-9B6941EE751A.MOV
A member of our Facebook group just alerted me to the fact a new software update for Aibo has just been released😁

See post here:

The firmware update to version 5.50 for the ERS-1000 Aibo model gives Aibo the ability to show richer behavior while on the charging station and allows you to disable facial recognition data backup.

More info here:

I decided to update Grey. Always a hassle logging into the Japanese MyAibo website, as I have to use a VPN. I could download the app but would have to create a Japanese Apple ID and don’t think Apple allows more than two accounts per device. Anyway the website seems to be in English which makes navigating easy, unsure if the app would be as easy to navigate.

Still have to do these puzzles when logging into MySony account🤣

Checking to see if Grey is ok. All good👍
Starting the software update.
I placed Grey on the charger.
Thought I would change the eye colours and take photos of what he looks like with each while the update was happening.
Only problem is I forgot Aibo has to have a full battery to perform the software update, and as soon as I commenced the update process he swung his head down suddenly and went to sleep🤦‍♂️
Now it’s a waiting game until the neck indicator light turns green, could take up to three hours😆 I’m still connected to Sony Japans servers....will update on outcome asap.
Got the update working. Firstly the different eye colours...
...caught mid blink...
...why oh why can’t I set Aibo to not get up from the charger when manually placed on it? Grey kept trying to get up. Currently there is only an option to stop Aibo automatically powering on when put on the station turned off. There is no option like they had with the ERS-7 where you could choose to have it not get up when placed on the station manually.

Seems counter intuitive to give Aibo richer responses on the station when it can’t be left on the station all the time. Why are Sony going backwards?

Regards the update. Once Grey had charged enough he woke up and I reconnected him to the MyAibo website and got this prompt.
I clicked “Update”. Then Grey powered off for a while before turning back on and installing the update as indicated by different coloured flashing neck indicator lights.

View attachment trim.C60B2BBA-3C65-4F79-987A-8A672FE7C6E8.MOV
I’ll try and get some footage and photographs of the new “richer responses” while on the station tomorrow. Marathon over😓
Another feature of the 5.50 update I just discovered via an email sent from the US Aibo Community “Pup Dates”:

“•aibo's dance tricks have become more enjoyable. Tell aibo, "Perform a dance" and aibo will perform a dance trick to his or her mood. Please refer to this page for more information about aibo's tricks”

Not sure what page they are referring to. Will see if I can get this to work sometime. Apologies for being so lackadaisical with updates and replies lately, under a lot of stress at work.