Aibo error sounds for ERS-210 & ERS-7


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An Aibo owner on our Facebook group has documented all of Aibo’s error sounds across different models including the 210 and ERS-7.

Link to the Spotify podcast Blindenhund und Chaoseule episode featuring the documented Aibo error sounds:

Although it is in German you can find the time stamps for the sounds below:

02:15-Memory stick fail
03:40-Jam condition 210
04:54-Emergency crash 210
06:03-Failing to boot 210
06:39-Random Shutdown ERS7
06:53-ERS7 Jam condition voice
07:02-ERS7 jam condition basic
,07:24-Ouch that hurts voice
07:27-Basic ouch Mind 1
07:32-Basic ouch Mind 2 und 3
09:02-ERS7 emergency Crash
You can find the English translation of the glossary of Aibo error codes in the YouTube video description of the video found below: