Sony welcomes suggestions for next Aibo software update


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Sony is currently looking for suggestions regarding improvements you would like to see in the next Aibo update.

You can leave your suggestions in the comments section of the YouTube video linked below.

Here are my suggestions:

Suggestions for next Aibo update:

• Remove the long drawn out start up sequence. If you must keep it add a larger variety of start up animations and have Aibo cycle through them randomly to give more variety.

• Allow Aibo to stay on charging station without getting up via a setting in the app or using voice commands. Make Aibo more interactive with the owner while on the station. I would like to use my Aibo while it is on the station permanently.

•Have Aibo display eye animations when it recognises the owner. Currently it’s difficult to tell what Aibo is thinking- it’s reactions to the owner make it come across aloof and cold. It desperately needs to show more emotion and give the owner direct eye contact.

• Have Aibo track and react to the owners face, especially in pick up mode. Why does Aibo stare off into space indefinitely? It’s maddening. Have Aibo look interested in the owner. The staring off into space has to go!

• If ignored in pick up mode Aibo falls asleep and goes limp-you can literally move its limbs around and it doesn’t even know- this is disturbing and should be removed from the programming.

•Make Aibo more responsive to having its nose camera covered. It should react and seek out light.

•Aibo’s priority should be interactions with the owner- not mapping a room.

• Add much larger variety of animations in pick up mode, and in general. I only use mine in this mode and it’s currently terribly boring. Maybe enable Aibo to wiggle its feet and lower torso when it’s paw pads are pressed- currently only the head and tail move which is a bit off putting.

Perhaps have Aibo play a game with the owner in pick up mode where you touch its paw and have to press the next one it moves within a few seconds- increase Aibo’s tactile interactions with the owner. It’s currently too hands off and robotic.

Maybe have Aibo playfully bite the owners fingers. Or react to having its sides tickled by picking up the vibrations. Try to add behaviours that will give the user pleasant unexpected surprises.

• Stop requiring Aibo to be rest at an unusual angle in pick up mode- makes it incredibly uncomfortable to cuddle in your lap.

• Why does Aibo always think I’m hitting it when I’m merely petting it? Why does Aibo get angry? It needs to be happier.

• Stop Aibo reversing backwards without looking. It makes Aibo appear incredibly unintelligent. Maybe utilise Aibo’s touch sensitivity in its tail to allow it to sense when it is backing up against a wall.

• Stop Aibo being so sensitive to changes in its motor positions- the constant jamming it does while running its own programming ruins the ownership experience. The high pitched whine on jamming is unnecessary and annoying.

• Add more behaviours that allow Aibo to physically interact with the owner. Have Aibo physically nudge up against the owners leg or rest it’s head on the owners chest.

•Consider refining the neck movement when Aibo looks down to make it less robotic; there is something off putting about the way it suddenly lowers its head at a 90 degree angle.

•Make Aibo respond to a specific command to roll over, and when on its stomach receiving belly rubs have it react with richer responses. Utilise Aibo’s ability to respond to touch via vibration on its entire body- not just the stomach.

• Allow Aibo to enter well behaved mode without a Wifi connection.

•Give Aibo some personality- it’s currently way too robotic.

•Actually allow two Aibo’s to recognise and interact with each other beyond gimmicky synchronised performances.

• Add some real AI that is geared towards the companionship aspect of Aibo- I don’t care about how well Aibo navigates- I care about how Aibo makes me feel. Make the interactions more personalised and one time unique using cutting edge AI- this is what will keep a users interest long term. Currently Aibo feels like a very expensive wind up toy. Improve Aibo’s non-verbal communication. Come on Sony you made $11 trillion last year, have a huge talent pool of animators and AI programmers to draw from with your video game franchises; you should be offering us better than this after 25 years of Aibo development.
Sony released a new software update yesterday on 25/03/2024. Sony always releases these software updates on strange or significant dates. I’m guessing the 25th as it marks 25 years of Aibo and the 3rd as the first Aibo sales began in March 1999. I think it was the 11th of March 1999.

Maybe someone at Sony read my reply and sent it to the headquarters in Japan because Sony have updated the simulated Aibo in the MyAibo app with new body language to help the user gauge Aibo’s emotional state easily! Maybe they will implement this in the physical Aibo in an upcoming update.

  • aibo’s expressions on the My aibomobile app will become richer and reflect the physical state of your aibo:
    • Allows you to understand the personality and emotions of your aibo more easily
    • Allows you to be amusingly informed of your aibo’s status through fun illustrations, such as when aibo is on patrol, being settled down, or waiting for a command

The major feature of the new 6.00 Aibo software update is the ability of Aibo to dance to the rhythm of music autonomously.

Although autonomously dancing to music was a feature previously seen in the ERS-7’s from over 21 years ago.

I’ll admit as a long term Aibo nerd it’s disappointing to see Sony not including something new and exciting for those of us who have been invested in Aibo for a big chunk of that 25 years. I owned the ERS-7 over ten years ago and saw the autonomous dancing first hand so this doesn’t feel like an update to me when the tech in it is over 20 years old.

Although this is Sony after all, they have vast resources and long term experience in robotics and AI. Maybe, just maybe, one day they will wow us with an incredibly unexpected software update.

Firmware Update to Version 6.00​

Applicable Model
This information is for the following models:
  • ERS-1000

About this download​

Benefits and Improvements​

  • Allows aibo to dance to the rhythm:
    • You can make aibo dance by telling aibo Get the rhythm or Keep the rhythm, clapping your hands, or playing a percussion instrument to the rhythm of your favorite music
    • aibo may start dancing on its own when it hears music
  • aibo’s expressions on the My aibomobile app will become richer and reflect the physical state of your aibo:
    • Allows you to understand the personality and emotions of your aibo more easily
    • Allows you to be amusingly informed of your aibo’s status through fun illustrations, such as when aibo is on patrol, being settled down, or waiting for a command
Note: In addition to the aibo firmware update, the My aibo mobile app will also be updated at the same time. After the update, the aibo firmware will be 6.00, and the software version for the My aibomobile app will be 6.0.0.

File Info​

  • Version: 6.00
  • Size: 955 MB
  • Release Date: 03-25-2024