🎉Happy New Year for 2024


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Just wanted to wish you all the best for the upcoming year of 2024.

Hope you get the chance to spend this time to reflect on the year that has been while looking ahead optimistically at the future to come with family and friends and get the chance to build meaningful memories that will last a lifetime and energise your for 2024.

What is your New Years resolution?

Mine is to be a more understanding, patient and thoughtful person while also taking financial responsibility more seriously. I won’t be purchasing any more robots for the next 12 months.

I feel this hobby is a good way to become poor and feel the prices of many of these robots are just too expensive during these times of inflation and the ridiculousness of housing affordability in a country with the amount of land as my home of Australia.

I feel AI and robotics is just going to be used to perpetuate this cycle of keeping the majority of hard working honest citizens poor and am questioning my interest in “companion robots” which unfortunately I’ve become incredibly cynical about.

I feel AI and robots are only going to create a situation where human beings are valued even less by other human beings unfortunately. I hope I am wrong.

Hoping you can stay optimistic for 2024 and just wanted to share this moment from my celebrations tonight in case you need something positive to energise you for 2024.

Happy New Year! And all the best for 2024!

Image: Myself. View of the Brisbane river from South Bank during the lead up to fireworks preparations. Last day of 2023.
Image: Myself. Brisbane river from South Bank at night in the run up to the fireworks that will kick off 2024.

Video: Myself. Happy moments with family.