Would you like Loona to have an embodied offline LLM?

Would you like Loona to have an embodied LLM?

  • No, I think it would be creepy/cruel

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  • Yes, but I don’t want Loona to talk

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As embodied LLMs or Large Language Models, become popular in many applications it seems there will come a time when they are seen as standard, especially in companion robots.

With Loona already having the ability to converse with the help of an LLM, ChatGPT, would you like to see KEYi implement an offline embodied LLM in Loona?
Due to the advancements being currently made with LLMs I’ve decided to leave this poll open for now. I refer to embedded and embodied LLMs interchangeably, but ideally would be more interested in seeing an offline embodied LLM implemented.