China looks to attract talent in LLM race


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China is looking to attract talent aimed at producing large language models also known as LLM’s and creating an AI hub in Shanghai similar to the two other AI hubs of the San Francisco Bay Area and the London City Area.

China is currently providing incentives such as allowing LLM developers to register their place of permanent residence in Shanghai, also known as the hukou system, and are looking at securing this high-caliber LLM talent long term with the aim of having leading LLM developers put down roots in the city.

Could the day come when Chinese robots such as Loona are running on Chinese developed LLM’s instead of the American LLM such as ChatGPT?

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Shanghai enters LLM race with measures to spur application, attract talent​

Shanghai recently published a set of measures aimed at fostering the development of its incipient large language model (LLM) industry and creating a world-class AI cluster, local media reported yesterday.

The measures, which total 11, are jointly issued by the city’s top economic and tech planners, such as the economic and information technology commission. They will remain in place from 2023 to 2025.

According to the measures, Shanghai will implement a series of supportive policies to encourage innovations in LLM.

These include providing incentives to attract leading LLM developers to put down roots in the city.

Preferential policies will also be given to targeted entities working on advanced fields such as AI basic theories, scientific intelligence, embodied AI, and city LLM.

A highlight of the policies is that the city will establish a center to test and assess LLMs.

This facility’s job is to encourage eligible entities to take part in the setting of national standards on LLM.

Application of LLM will be a key aspect of the city’s endeavor to develop a burgeoning AI sector.

As usual, the city looks to promote applications in areas such as smart manufacturing, biopharma, integrated circuit, intelligent education and teaching, tech-driven finance, design and creativity, autonomous driving, robotics and digital government.

A race is on to attract talent to fuel the development of the LLM industry nationwide.

For its part, Shanghai announced a plan to lure high-caliber talent in LLM innovation by offering them the coveted Shanghai hukou, or household registration.