Why you should avoid those cheap Lovots on Japanese auction sites...


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Lovot is a highly complex robot with an incredible number of sensors and processors including a novel air intake and circulatory system based on Formula 1 racing cars that enable heat from the battery to be distributed giving Lovot a temperature akin to that of a human.

With all this complexity inevitably comes problems, which you will have a hard time getting fixed if you purchase a second hand Lovot and are unable to transfer it to your GrooveX account.

This probably explains why you don’t hear of people importing these cheap second hand Lovot.

Also GrooveX requires a subscription to use Lovots basic features like autonomous navigation, self charging and eye following. So without a subscription your experience may be diminished.

Although GrooveX is prioritising the long term longevity and durability of Lovot hardware, I still think it’s incredibly risky to import one without at least having transferred it to a GrooveX account in your control and on a subscription to ensure you are eligible for repairs.

Although saying that I have no idea how their policy on second hand Lovot works but do know they are looking into changing their current policies.

Hayashi started as an engineer. He specialized in aerodynamics and was involved in the design of both the Lexus LFA model and Toyota’s Formula 1 racing car.
Ten or more CPU cores, 20 or more MCUs, and 50 or more sensors, can create behavior that is very much like a living being.


How lifelike is a Lovot? It can maintain a “body temperature” of 37 to 39 degrees, slightly higher than the average human temperature, making people feel very warm.