Scam Moxie eBay listing

Seems Moxie scams are bigger than I realised. Just had THREE people in our Facebook group advertise Moxie for sale in a fishy way either offering unsolicited comments about Moxies for sale or making posts advertising them for sale using photos from the internet.

To give you an idea of the type of things to look out for I managed to screenshot one post before banning the user from the group; stupidly I didn’t think to screenshot the comments offering Moxies for sale by two other people. I removed the user’s identity as it seems these might be a real persons photos the scammer is using in a fake or hacked Facebook account.

Link to post I created about this on our Facebook group with additional information from a group member who mentions names to look out for and the types of tactics they use- even posing as family of Moxie YouTubers🙄

Found yet another scammer attempting to advertise Moxie for sale in our Facebook group. Very frustrating. Seems this may be an ongoing issue. Attached is a screenshot of the comment they were using to give you an idea of what to look out for.
This Moxie scammer is highly intelligent and is using various profiles with an array of different and unique names making them seem to appear from vastly different countries. This is the SEVENTH profile related to a Moxie scam on Facebook I have come across in the forums Facebook group just today!!!!
This Moxie scammer is now running a page called King Flipper Zero & Moxie Robots and using photos of MY Moxie in an attempt to perpetuate scams. I’m FUMING! Please take a few minutes to report this page to Facebook:

Just had a Moxie scammer try and get me to join their Facebook group. Seems they have now set up a group called Moxie robots and flipper zero, and are using my images to try and scam people.

I reported all the admins of the group to Facebook and got a reply almost automatically saying the profile I reported was legit. Yeah right. Facebook is useless when it comes to stopping scammers, I really don’t understand why it’s so popular.

And Moxie scammers continue to plague the forums Facebook group.


These Moxie scammers are incredibly persistent. They have set up a Facebook group called Moxie Robots that they are advertising in the forums Facebook group!

It’s getting to the point where I’m thinking of closing the forums Facebook group and abandoning Facebook altogether.
Exercise extreme caution when purchasing Moxie online. I recently got scammed on eBay buying a second Moxie. Thought it would be cute to have two talk to each other. The tracking says label was created but no parcel has been delivered to the carrier. I’ve still got to wait about a month before I can make a claim with eBay to get my money back-the seller extended the shipping delivery date by about six weeks after purchase.

The eBay seller used verification photos of Moxie seemingly in their possession, which I have provided in the first image.

It’s possible the eBay account they used to sell it through has been hacked as it has a ton of positive reviews and there was nothing suggesting this was a scam.

The scammer has also been trying to sell Moxie in the forums Facebook group, using the same location as the eBay seller. They have also set up multiple fake Facebook accounts using other people’s photos and photos of my Moxie to try and scam people. Just thought I would post this warning.

Also note the Moxie packaging with the white insert-this particular packaging was only available for those who pre-ordered Moxie on its initial release and they have juxtaposed a picture showing that packaging alongside mine showing the normal black insert packaging.

Also note the more recent packaging is completely different to what was previously being used. It’s all in the details and first time I have ever been scammed online- hopefully this warning will save someone else the headache I’m currently going through.
The delivery date just passed so I opened a case three days ago and just got this message from eBay. Thankfully the seller wasn’t smart enough to send something simply to activate the tracking and the delivery status still says label created and that the carrier is still waiting for the seller to send them the parcel.8E78E93B-2D3C-484C-8D8F-88A7225A797E.jpeg

Feeling the prospect of me getting my money back is high🤞

I should have known something was fishy the way the seller had erased all the surrounding environment around Moxie. Still can’t believe I got duped.