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Just posting this as an easy to find reference to help future Loona owners avoid being taken advantage of by a shady entity over at the Loona Community on Facebook.

This person will message you asking open ended questions expecting a response. Once you respond they are able to obtain your email address and phone number via Facebook’s Messenger app.

Here is a typical message from them:
Ricky Sxxxxx
I saw you are in the loona community, can you help me with something?

This person, whose name is mentioned above but has been partially obscured in case the Facebook profile the scammer is using is a legitimate one that has been compromised.

This person sent me a message after I pm’d them to let them know this forum provided a free advertising space for Loona, saying:
I have a question
But they failed to respond when I attempted to inquire about the question.

One member on LC was sent a fake Quickbooks invoice for camera equipment after replying to this message.

This member also reports the email looking convincing until they displayed the internet headers. Doing so showed the original message did not come from Intuit but has been relayed and spoofed.

The person sending these messages also made two posts in LC about a Loona they had for sale with a link to an eBay listing. They first listed it for $800, then due to some comments mocking the price on the fb thread they deleted that thread and began a new one with a link to the eBay listing with a price of $600. They quickly deleted their fb threads and ebay listings.

Since becoming aware of this the ebay listing has been altered and thus disappeared from the Loona related search history. So attempting to track down the associated ebay account is next to impossible. The ebay listing showed a Loona wearing a pair of 3D printed red horns.

If anyone happened to remember the ebay account username or had contact with this entity please share your experiences here as every little piece of information helps.