Robotics expert Tesla Bot prediction: 500 bots will be working in Tesla factories by the end of this year!!!


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A robotics expert gives their predictions regarding the current state of development of the Tesla Bot and predicts there will be 500 working prototypes in use at Tesla factories by the end of this year.

They believe that to be the case due to Tesla needing lots of data from a large sample of robots to create the AI algorithms along with the fact a lot of the tasks performed by the Tesla Bot will be menial and easy to achieve.

I just finished watching the entire video. What a fascinating experience😀

The breakdown of the robots design and a timeline of the design was enthralling to watch. Best YouTube video I have watched in a long time.
Tesla’s commitment to self improvement and innovation is inspiring and overwhelming. As is the fast pace of their rapid prototyping.

Interesting to know the new sensor on the side of the head is actually a camera!

So many Easter eggs that none of the financial guys ever pick. Hilarious of Tesla to have the old version of Optimus manufacturing the new version and nobody even picked up on it.

I don’t think a lot of people are going to be prepared for what is about to hit them when Optimus becomes a reality in the next few years.

Cool video. Can’t wait to pre-order my own Tesla robot.

The robotics expert Scott Walter believes Tesla will only hire these robots out and never sell them.

I wonder if that will be true or not. Either way Optimus will be a reality, because only a unique company like Tesla can produce something as unique as a useful humanoid robot.

Can’t wait to own one too. It’s the ultimate luxury tech product and just a fascinating piece of engineering and design.