Rabbit sell 10,000 r1 within 24 hours!


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Image: Rabbit Inc

Rabbit have announced they have sold out of their first batch of 10,000 a1 pre-orders within 24 hours of announcing the a1; and currently their website mentions a second batch has also sold out without mentioning the sales volume of this second batch.

Yet it is still possible to get the r1 at the pre-order price by purchasing from a third batch of r1.

Expected delivery for the third batch is May-June 2024.

Rabbit’s fourth batch of 10,000 r1 devices has sold out and they are now offering a fifth batch of 10,000 r1 devices for sale.

Incredible 40,000 people purchased something without seeing one independent tech review or demonstration of the r1 being used in an organic and unscripted way to do anything other than play music or rotate its camera🤔

Lyu’s former project Music Flow.

The r1’s rotating camera in action: